Why Your Website Needs to Get Serious About Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

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    We’ve all heard the term conversion rates and conversion rate optimisation but what exactly is it and how does it affect my website?

    Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a method of increasing the number of visitors to a website that convert into a predetermined goal. This goal might be something like the following:

    • Making a purchase
    • Ordering a product or service
    • Downloading a brochure
    • Emailing an enquiry
    • Signing up to be a member
    • Making a booking
    • Making a phone call

    CRO works by utilising analytics and user feedback to monitor and improve the consumer’s website journey. The practice of improving the conversion rate can ultimately reduce your cost per acquisition and maximise the number of conversions generated, which is the ultimate goal for any business. Just like with traditional marketing practices, it takes the approach of tracking, testing and on-going improvement to reach its peak performance. Once you’ve managed to convert site visitors, it’s then time to use marketing automation to capitalise on the engagement.

    Why is CRO so Important for my Business’ Website?

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    1. It leverages your current website traffic to increase your ROI

    You will have paid to get visitors to your site, whether it be through a paid search campaign or by building a snazzy new website. You want to keep those visitors engaged enough to complete your goal with maximum ease.

    CRO capitalises on your existing visitor base through your current traffic. Even just a slight improvement in you conversion rate can significantly improve website profits. This means you are not spending extra money attracting additional customers to your website, what you are doing is making it easier for those existing customers to convert when they land on your website.

    In a nutshell, CRO can increase your ROI by converting a higher percentage of existing visitors, which is much more cost effective than attracting new visits.

    2. Paid Search is becoming more expensive and technical

    Paid search is undoubtedly on the rise, high demand for this sought after Google product is hiking up prices and competition for keywords. Pay Per Click used to be the answer to everyone’s prayers but it’s slowly becoming less of an option to some companies due to rising costs and lack of conversions. This is why it’s important that you can maximise your existing visitors, whether you get them by using an existing paid search campaign or by organic SEO.

    3. You get to know and better understand your customer base

    Understanding who your customer is and what they want (not what you think they want) is a vital aspect of any business. CRO is all about using customer feedback to determine a persona or personas for your customer base which enables you to create suitable customer journeys. For example CRO research might show exactly how your customers are behaving on your website and highlight any bottlenecks or show what stage of the buying process you are losing them.  Once you understand your customers’ persona and buying habits you can start to plan the buying process to suit their needs.

    4. Consumers have a very short attention span

    Yes it’s true, our attention spans are becoming more goldfish every year and it’s claimed this is due to high internet usage. The impact of this on online retailers is hugely significant.  It means that if a user can’t find exactly what they want within a very short timeframe they will simply close the site down and look for another website that will offer them a smooth buying process.  CRO is designed to ensure the user experience is as smooth as possible so a customer converts without having to think about it too much.

    5. It lifts the perception of your brand

    Making sure that your website looks appealing to the naked eye is a large part of the process.  Naturally you want to make your website as visually appealing as possible but as well as looking pretty there must be strategy behind the design that allows the customer to convert.

    In addition to the design of the website, customers are also now concerned about the safety of their valuable personal information. It’s a helpful to prove to them that this is your top priority too and provide a SSL certificate and also by having your privacy policy clearly visible and easily accessible via the navigation.

    A visually stimulating website that has its customer’s privacy at heart is not only going to encourage customers to buy but overall lift the perception of that brand.

    6. CRO will help you rank higher organically on Google

    CRO and SEO should work harmoniously together.  Google likes to send traffic to websites with relevant content, which are easy to navigate and essentially easy to convert.  Google is pretty intuitive so can tell when visitors are going onto a website and then exiting without converting, so they would rather send traffic to a website with a smooth buying process.  Once you have this process down pat Google will rank your site higher and send more visitors. Simple as that.

    7. It has immediate effects

    SEO is vital to a website’s ranking however it’s no secret that this process can take months show results. Changes that you make today might not be picked up by Google immediately, then there are those pesky algorithm changes to think about – so what was working last year might not be as effective now.  Improving your conversion rate can have immediate effects. As soon as there’s been beneficial changes to your website’s user journey you can expect to see the results right there and then. Not only is CRO immediate but it’s also long-term, only if it’s consistently monitored and improvements made through feedback and testing.  Never set and forget.

    8. It offers you that slight edge to be the winner who takes all

    In many sports, such as horse racing, you only need to be better by a whisker to scoop the prize and it’s exactly the same principle when it comes to competing with your website. You only need to be marginally better than your competitors to secure the sale. If you spend the initial time to optimise your web design it to suit your customer’s personas then you will reap the benefits.  Visitors are going to choose to a website that looks better and has a smoother UX.

    The benefits of conversion rate optimisation are endless, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, so it’s important that you spend some time and effort into getting it right. A website can thrive as a result of effective CRO.  With a strong CRO plan more goals can be achieved, leveraging existing customers and building new ones and all the while lifting the perception of your brand.

    Here at White Chalk Road we take conversion rate optimisation (CRO) very seriously and will work with you to produce the best results for your business. Using data tools, such as Google Analytics, we can effectively measure your return on investment and provide in depth reports to keep your campaign on track and ultimately converting.

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