Case Study: Eclipse Driving School

Eclipse Driving School is a Western Australian owned and operated business, employing local driving instructors across WA. Eclipse offers driving lessons, defensive driving courses and free pre-learner driver safety courses across the greater Perth metro area – from Rockingham to Alkimos.



Search Visibility
Organic Traffic

Eclipse Driving School have been with White Chalk Road for a couple years. We could not be happier, work increased almost immediately and after the first year we jumped 600% with bookings which enabled a growth in the number of cars we have on the road.

Worth their weight in gold. Alex Hamilton is fantastic and easy to work with and puts amazing input into my business.

5 stars all day long!

- Dave Butcher, Owner Operator of Eclipse Driving School


The Challenge

Eclipse Driving School started web marketing with White Chalk Road in January 2018. The company decided to part ways with a previous web marketing provider and partner with White Chalk Road to grow their business’ online presence through organic (SEO) and paid search (Google Ads).

Eclipse saw White Chalk Road as a transparent provider with a proven track record in improving Perth businesses online ranking, traffic and conversions.

Eclipse challenged White Chalk Road to:

  • Improve the online presence of their company
  • Increase organic rankings and traffic
  • Increase and optimise conversions
  • Provide advice on all online marketing efforts

This was to be measured through online traffic, keyword rankings and visibility, conversions and overall performance of Google Ads campaigns.

After in-depth discussion between Eclipse Driving School and White Chalk Road, we crafted a unique web marketing strategy to encompass all online marketing efforts required to provide Eclipse with the desired results.


The Process

Web Marketing Plan

After discussions with Eclipse Driving School, White Chalk Road crafted a web marketing plan comprising both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising (Google Ads).

SEO is the cornerstone of successful online marketing campaigns as it gives businesses a long-term approach and gradual long-term benefits to improve the overall authority and organic rankings of the website.

Google Ads allows business to reach targeted customers and can be switched on and off depending on seasonal changes and changing budgets. It also allows more location-specific targeted advertising.

White Chalk Road recommended that Eclipse Driving School use both SEO and Google Ads together for the best chance at directing traffic towards their website and generating conversions.

SEO Technical Audit and Recommendations

To ensure Eclipse Driving School’s website was as SEO and user-friendly as possible, we performed an in-depth technical SEO audit. From this audit, we drafted key recommendations and changes to improve the website. Working with Eclipse and their development team, we’ve implemented the changes to improve website speed, onsite optimisation, user-friendliness, boost conversions and more.

SEO Content Audit

Eclipse understood the existing content and formatting made it difficult for their customers to engage with the business. The duplication of content across tens of pages on their website was also reducing their opportunity to provide fresh, interesting and appealing information to site visitors.

White Chalk Road worked with Eclipse to draft up new website content, provide SEO optimisation and implement the new web pages onto the Eclipse Driving School website. We also worked on key conversion pages to help improve the user-journey and increase overall conversions through improved content.

New optimised meta titles and descriptions were also implemented to make sure all key landing pages were SEO friendly and appealing to potential customers arriving via search engines.

AdWords Account Management

White Chalk Road runs multiple campaigns for Eclipse Driving School to target specific keywords and geographic locations across the greater Perth area.

The Results

White Chalk Road has worked collaboratively with Eclipse Driving School to improve their online presence substantially in the first 3 months.

With organic rankings, traffic and conversions jumping substantially in just the first few months, our combined efforts in content creation, onsite optimisation and technical advancements have paid off.

The paid campaign which commenced in March 2018 boosted conversions and brand awareness at a relatively low cost per acquisition.

Search Engine Optimisation and Rankings

Before White Chalk Road began management of Eclipse Driving School’s website, traffic was steady, however had the potential to increase substantially.

Through discussion and research the White Chalk Road team worked with Eclipse to select a set of keywords to optimise and track for the website. After only three months Eclipse managed to achieve a substantial increase in keyword visibility, gaining 20% for the selected keywords.

This improvement translated to an increase in traffic and increased conversions.

Traffic and Conversions

White Chalk Road’s management of Eclipse Driving School’s website has seen an increase in traffic of 26% and improved conversions by 41%.

We expect to see continued growth in visibility, traffic and conversions, while ensuring the leads generated are of high value to the business.