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Kylie Robertson

Kylie Robertson

Digital Marketing Executive (Sales)

Kylie is an experienced sales and business development manager with a demonstrated history working in the marketing, advertising and pharmaceuticals industries over the past 20 years.

Skilled in negotiation, business planning, sales and strategic marketing, Kylie is a trusted advisor with a client-centric selling approach. She is a specialist at delivering qualified sales leads to businesses that are focused on return on investment.

Kylie is passionate about the Cloud, I.O.T, A.I, Voice and Mobile as tools that disrupt and innovate for overall improvements in enterprise and everyday life.

Kylie enjoys spending weekends cruising the coast in a convertible, soaking up the sun. She takes her pitbull Gucci on daily runs at the park, followed by snuggles on the couch watching TV.

Kylie also loves travelling, most recently visiting Krabi Thailand. Her next travel goal is to explore Alaska or Europe.