Online marketing & SEO for assisted living providers

Assisted living facilities continue to change and improve with the times as the needs of seniors change, especially with more people opting for ageing-in-place arrangements.

Digital marketing for assisted living communities

In general, assisted living facilities provide the infrastructure needed by most senior adults to manage daily living tasks. The seniors can also get the assistance they need from onsite personnel.

But unlike other healthcare facilities whose primary target market is their actual patients, assisted living facilities need to know their main audience to increase occupancy. They must also learn to keep up with how seniors and their loved ones conduct research on various caretaking options.

Recommended digital marketing services for assisted living

Benefits of online marketing for assisted living facilities

Since people of all ages rely on the world wide web to get information, a senior assisted living community must change with the times and adapt its content marketing techniques appropriately.

By applying SEO for assisted living, you can reap the following benefits:

Reach your audience Strategic SEO for assisted living communities or facilities will enable you to reach your intended audience — that is, the children of seniors and the elderly themselves. Your digital marketing partner will craft a strategy that will appeal to this audience and push them to take action.
Boost SEO ranking People who are actively searching for assisted living facilities (such as seniors and their children) use a specific set of keywords and phrases to get the results they want. Your online marketing partner knows this so they can focus on such keywords to optimise your website and ultimately increase occupancy.
Improve conversion rates Through content marketing, you can produce relevant content that’s informative, relevant and integrated with the rest of your digital marketing strategy. This will boost not only your online presence but also your conversion rate as you build goodwill and trust.

Common questions about assisted living SEO

Our short answer would be, ‘it depends’ because a marketing strategy must only be formulated once you know your short and long-term goals. However, if you want to take an integrated approach that’s highly beneficial, you can use SEO and social media marketing together.

At White Chalk Road, we consider each client’s unique requirements so we only deliver a tailored approach that brings tangible, measurable results depending on your short and long-term goals.

We use specific tools to find the best keywords a client should rank for to improve site performance, increase leads and boost conversions.

With a tailored SEO campaign, we usually observe changes or improvements in SEO performance in as little as a month to several months.

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