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Boost your business website’s visibility, user experience, and search rankings using cutting-edge technical SEO strategies. Learn more about the White Chalk Road approach to boosting your website’s performance through technical SEO tools.

Make every metric count using technical SEO

Beautiful graphics, high-quality content, stellar keyword research – your business website seems to have it all. But, without addressing technical SEO issues like page speed and structured data markup for your website, it’s going to be hard to convince Google and other search engines that you’re offering the best possible user experience. 

In fact, if your website isn’t ranking consistently high in a Google search, the issue may go deeper – it’s time to pop the hood and survey your technical SEO fundamentals. White Chalk Road’s approach to implementing technical SEO begins with a site audit as we survey the missing pieces in your website’s technical performance. This includes everything from load time and assessing URL structure to testing whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. 

At the end of the day, our focus is on helping you boost your website’s visibility across search results. We take a proactive approach defining and executing a technical SEO strategy for your website. This means we help you address what’s ‘broken’ and advance what’s not according to best practices. 

Your SEO efforts should work for you, not take away from the hard work you’ve done to bring your business alive online. Let White Chalk Road show you how a technical SEO checklist can transform your website’s performance and experience for more consistent search rankings.

Resolve technical SEO issues before they start

A site’s content is only one aspect of its performance. From a technical SEO standpoint, it still needs to be vetted and optimised.

Technical SEO refers to two significant aspects of your own website: 

  • Your site’s ‘structure’ or the scaffold on which everything is built (including nitty-gritty details like canonical tags to avoid duplicate content or implementing an XML sitemap to help search bots crawl your website more efficiently).
  • Your site’s performance, including testing aspects like page speed, content delivery, load times for mobile users, and more.

Link building strategies and target keywords (check out these 5 free keyword search volume tools) will only take you so far – Google also wants to make sure that your site structure is optimised for the most efficient, rapid, and seamless user experience. 

And, to incentivise you to work on your website’s performance and delight your end users, Google based search results on how well you’ve addressed common technical SEO problems like broken internal links or duplicate content.

These issues often tell search engine spiders that a website is ‘suspicious’ or offers a poor user experience to users. 

White Chalk Road’s tactical technical SEO strategies can help you make sure your SEO efforts land perfectly with both users and search engine crawlers.

From dynamically created websites to technical SEO audits that target and clean out incorrect on-page and off-page SEO issues, we see technical SEO as an opportunity to take your website and business performance to the next level on search engines.

Build a strong technical SEO foundation with White Chalk Road

Technical SEO comprises multiple activities – and the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to take your web pages to the next level. A comprehensive technical SEO audit can reveal all the bits and pieces that need some attention and implementation. 

So, what should you expect when working with White Chalk Road’s technical SEO services? Our focus is helping search engines index your website faster and more efficiently. Here are the four ‘areas’ we’ll work with you to improve:

  • Crawlability – As search engines crawl your website, technical SEO optimises multiple aspects, like broken links, duplicate content, site structure or architecture, across multiple pages.  
  • Indexability – Search engines index websites based on relevance. To help you appear more consistently on search engines, we’ll address issues like mobile-responsiveness, HTTP errors, and redirect problems, to name a few.
  • Accessibility – This is a measure of how quickly and easily your website ‘renders’ or loads across devices and browsers. We’ll look at and resolve server issues, load time for a web page, orphan pages (which can affect indexability as well), and more.
  • Rankability – Improving ranking from a technical SEO standpoint considers factors like internal links, backlink quality, and whether we need to add structured data to your pre-existing content.  

If you’re interested in taking a quick look at your website’s performance, head over to the Google Search Console and take advantage of webmaster tools. Then, cut through the overwhelm and jargon by partnering with the SEO experts at White Chalk Road.

Is technical SEO important for search engines?

In a word, yes: implementing and then testing the various aspects of your website’s technical SEO can often make or break your rankings in search results. Our team of SEO specialists also like to think of it like low-hanging fruit – done correctly, just a few tweaks and clean-ups can significantly enhance visibility of your web pages across search engines.

We also encourage you to view technical SEO as an ongoing activity.

From testing page speed and load time performance to eliminating and clearing up the broken links or duplicate content that can accumulate after a few months, your web pages will benefit from ongoing pruning and upkeep – especially because search engines like Google Search are changing their parameters for ranking all the time.

Get to the heart of previously overlooked issues affecting your performance.

There’s another reason why starting with technical SEO services is so key: it can help you identify previously overlooked issues. It’s all too common to see questionable link building practices or poorly conducted assessments of HTTP errors.

If this is the case, an audit of your entire site will help us diagnose where your website may be experiencing bottlenecks when it comes to telling search engines that you provide a consistent and high-quality user experience to incoming visitors.

Is your website performing well?

At White Chalk Road, we begin assessing your website from the perspective of search engines. We rely on conducting evaluations based on a proven technical SEO checklist that further connects to your overall on and off page SEO strategy. Here’s what a website audit can help you reveal:

Technical issues From issues with structured data to creating and implementing an XML sitemap for search bots, technical activities are a prime focus. We’ll dig deep and look at how well your website’s underlying technology is performing, from security and page speed for a web page to rendering on different browsers, across mobile devices.
On page SEO On page SEO is a key part of quality site structure. It consists of key factors on your website that influence your search placement. Such factors include optimisation of meta descriptions, deciding to add structured data, keyword research and placement, URL structure and image optimisation.
Off page / backlinks If other sites trust you, that’s a significant checkmark in your favour. Search engines, including Google Search, use ‘trust signals,’ such as backlinks pointing to your domain, from other sites to indicate how authoritative and trustworthy your content is. Quality links are valuable for SEO because they represent a ‘vote of confidence’ from one site to another.
Content and CRO Good content is a key ingredient to enhancing online visibility and building relationships with your prospective customers. It’s also a significant aspect of on page SEO as many optimisation initiatives occur with content itself. An audit can suggest ways to move site visitors further along the buying journey and better optimise for SEO and CRO priorities.
User experience A positive user experience is critical for your website and includes factors such as load time, simple navigation, breadcrumbs, minimal interference with content, responsive design and minimal javascript. But it also includes more broad issues covered by other ‘categories,’ like cleaning up broken links or updating internal links, refreshing copy to avoid cannibalising or duplicate content, and even redesigning certain layouts for a more mobile friendly experience.
Site speed The speed of your website on both mobile and desktop is so important. Google has used site speed as a ranking factor since 2010. Your website speed can also affect rankings by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time.

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Technical SEO audit frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about technical SEO services? Read our most frequently asked questions for quick answers.

More questions? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Any enterprise trying to grow or maintain its online presence needs to prioritise technical SEO as an ongoing activity. We often recommend beginning with a technical SEO audit because it provides invaluable information to ensure that you're covering all the bases for search engine optimization.

The importance of an audit only increases when we consider that Google's algorithm is constantly updating, and issues on your website can appear at any time, which can hinder your SEO ranking. This is why we recommend having your site audited at least once a year, if not every six months. However, if you are with a digital marketing agency, they can constantly run checks to solve any issues instantly.

Technical SEO looks at your website from the perspective of the search bots that crawl, index, and, ultimately, ‘rank’ your website. Overall ranking matters to how frequently you show up in a Google search and what position your website occupies.

There are multiple factors that contribute to the performance and visibility of your website in search engines, including:

  • Architecture
  • Content management system
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Duplicate content
  • Internal links
  • Local search 
  • URL structure
  • Coding issues
  • And more

A SEO audit is conducted as part of your technical SEO analysis. An SEO audit is performed through a complete diagnosis of the website's technical problems by utilising various tools and company processes. The amount of time a technical SEO audit takes is highly dependent on the size, complexity, and amount of issues you may have on your website.

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