Google Ads management & PPC advertising

Use PPC pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) to show your ad in search results exactly when someone is searching for your products and services.

Increase conversions with Google Ads

Whether you want to drive website visits, get more phone calls or increase store visits and sales, you can advertise in a highly targeted way to reach your ideal customer within your set budget. If you want quick results or to immediately drive traffic while you work on improving your website’s SEO, Google Ads can get results for you. Check out our Google Ads Management Services and learn more about PPC Google Ads below.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising system in which you bid on keywords related to your ads so those clickable adverts will appear in Google’s search results.

Since advertisers pay for clicks, this is how Google makes money.

Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you’re bidding for and the relevancy of that keyword to conversions for your company, Google Ads may or may not work for your business.

However, in most cases Google Ads is an effective advertising platform for businesses, if you don’t waste your money on the wrong keywords or poorly structured ads. This is where professional ads management can assist.

Well managed ads campaigns can help get more calls to your business, increase visits to your online store or drive people to your website, among other goals.

Google Ads services

Speak to White Chalk Road today about the following Google Ads management services:

Google Search Advertising

Google Display Advertising

Google Mobile Ads

Google Video Ads with YouTube

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Shopping Ads

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click advertising helps you get in front of customers when they are searching for products, services or businesses like yours in Google Search and on Google Maps.

You only pay for results, such as clicks on your advert, hence the name pay-per-click advertising.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) gives control of your advertising costs with a budget cap, so you’ll never spend more than your monthly limit and you can start and stop your ads at any time.

Pay-per-click advertising can help you:

  • Show up in search results when people search for what you offer
  • Capture attention with display ads and images
  • Bring your business story to life with video ads
  • Show off your inventory with shopping ads
  • Promote your app with app campaigns

Diversify your online marketing

In most cases, PPC advertising should not be your sole marketing channel. However, as part of your holistic digital marketing mix, Google Ads is effective at driving quick results, highly measurable and works faster than SEO.

PPC ads dominate the search results pages, but keep in mind that once you stop paying your visibility disappears. We recommend PPC advertising in conjunction with wider web marketing activities (check out our expert Perth SEO services for more info).

Expert Google Ads management Perth

Need expert help with Google Ads Management? Talk to the PPC Advertising specialists at White Chalk Road.

Whether you’re not getting results from your existing Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) account, or you want to start your first ads campaign, you can rely on WCR’s Google-certified Ads specialists to get results.

Google Premier Partner

As a Google Premier PPC Advertising Partner, we’re dedicated to your success.

Premier status is a level of recognition reserved for Google’s most valued agencies and is achieved through high performance in client Google Ads accounts as well as demonstrated knowledge and expertise across Google’s advertising products.

Partnership also provides access to the newest features in Google Ads, which can be implemented in client accounts often before your competitors.

Google Ads management process

You will be appointed a Google Ads specialist to manage your account. Along with detailed monthly reports, you Google Ads management with White Chalk Road includes:

Account Setup/Review Includes standard account setup (or review and restructure of existing account setup) and campaign setup based on research.
Monthly Account Optimisation Update and optimisation of campaigns, create new ads, modify keywords, refine targeting, apply suggestions, update account structure based on your requirements.
Fees/Ad Spend You pay a management fee to White Chalk Road. Ad spend is paid direct to Google from your credit card, so your Google Media Spend is completely transparent.

Benefits of Google Ads management

Google Ads management can save you time and money and help keep control over your online advertising campaigns.

The more efficiently your Google Ads account is set up, the quicker you will see results without blowing your budget.

Your account should be structured so it’s highly relevant to your website and the results you want to achieve.

While Google Ads has a lot of possibilities to run automated campaigns, those campaigns still need to be monitored and optimised based on performance targets.

When you’re spending money to get results, advertising is never a set and forget strategy.

In addition, with many ad types available and regular changes to the Ads platform and best practices, professional Ads management can ensure you’re always getting the best from your advertising.

Frequently asked questions about paid search

Here are the answers to some common questions that clients ask about paid search advertising or PPC.

If professionally implemented, SEO can offer a higher return on investment than any other marketing strategy either online or offline.

Naturally showing in search engine ranking positions (SERPs) is a great way to attract first-time visitors and can largely determine the reach of your online marketing strategy.

While SEO takes longer to build and achieve an organic position, it is the most cost-effective long term online marketing strategy.

PPC offers immediate results and exposure to your brand and products. It can be used to:

  • Target your ideal demographic
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate new qualified sales leads and measure their cost of acquisition
  • Faster results and more control over budget

We most often recommend a blended marketing approach combining both PPC and SEO to achieve client marketing goals.

Google advertising is a great way to find new customers and increase conversions.

Google Ads can help you appear on the first page of Google search results to potential customers who are searching for your product or service. It does this without you having to improve your website's SEO to appear on the first page of results organically - although good SEO and website CRO can boost the results from paid advertising.

There are several bidding styles depending on the goals of your campaign. Options include:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) / Pay-per-click (PPC): the most popular option for paid search ads. This means you do not pay when your ad is shown, only when a user clicks on your ad to view your website
  • Cost-per-thousand-Impressions (CPM): Best for using if your goal is brand awareness and reach – you pay per thousand times your ad is shown
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA): Also known as cost per conversion. You pay when a user completes a goal on your website (this could be submitting a contact or quote request form, a transaction, a download, a newsletter sign-up etc).

These are the main bidding types for search and display ads. There are also other options for video advertisements.

If you have paid search management from White Chalk Road you will be charged a management fee each month, payable to WCR.

Your advertising budget is paid directly to Google (or whichever advertising platform used) via credit card and based on the budget you have set.

To advertise on Google, you can use the Google Ads tool. To place an advertisement on Google, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Via Google ads, you can create a new campaign and select the goal you wish it to achieve.
  2. You can then continue to select the type of campaign you would like to produce.
  3. Create your ad groups while including the webpage URL you would like to advertise and the keywords in which you would like to bid.
  4. You can then create your ad by uploading headings, descriptions and images.
  5. Finally, you can set the budget you would like for your ad and how long you would like to run your ad.

Google Ads management is important to ensure your campaign and advertisements continue to run efficiently.

It is optimal to check your ads twice a week to see how quickly your budget is being spent, how your keywords are performing and if Google has any recommendations on how you can improve upon your advert.

There is no exact amount you should spend on Google Ads.

The advertising platform is very flexible and gives you many options on how you can spend your budget. Some businesses choose to spend $100 or so a month, and other companies choose to spend thousands.

Neither is right or wrong.

It depends on your business size, how much you want to advertise, and the competitiveness of the keywords in which you are bidding.

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a Google advertising model which allows your ad to be shown on the first page of Google search results when someone searches for your product and services.

A benefit of PPC ads is you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on your advertisement. You can also select a budget cap, meaning you won't spend more than you intend to.

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