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Get your products to your customers fast with a Google Shopping campaign. Google shopping is a vital online marketing tool for e-commerce websites and businesses - so get started today.

The best product placement in the digital marketplace

It’s no secret that e-commerce is now a trillion-dollar industry. With an estimated 2 million to 3 million e-commerce companies worldwide, getting noticed by your target customers across the web can be challenging – no matter the quality or calibre of your products or how strong your digital marketing campaign is.

But with a Google Shopping agency like White Chalk Road helping to put your products out there on Google Shopping, you can transform your company’s sales performance from ho-hum to ta-da!

Partner with a Google Shopping Ads agency

Google Ads is part of Google’s PPC platform, and you can use it in a number of ways to advertise your products. Running a Google Shopping campaign is one such way of showcasing your products to your target market.

Google Shopping Ads was launched in 2012 as a paid channel and has since evolved into what it is now – one of the most clicked ad formats ever introduced by Google.

Google shopping ads usually appear at the top of Google Search Result Pages when a user searches for a particular product, such as ‘treadmill’. Google will then display a carousel of Google Shopping Ads from e-commerce businesses that have shopping ads set up.

Trust White Chalk Road

Let White Chalk Road launch your Google Shopping campaign for you, and you’ll soon realise how much Google Shopping Ads and digital marketing can impact your bottom line. As a Google Premier Partner agency with over 22+ years of digital marketing experience, White Chalk Road is the ideal Google shopping agency for your Australian business.

With a Google Shopping campaign, you’ll be putting your products right in front of where your customers are across the web. Your products will be popping up in places like Google Search, Google Shopping and all across the Google Display Network – that’s a huge number of websites!

Why start a Google Shopping campaign?

Any e-commerce merchant can benefit from a Google Shopping campaign – it doesn’t matter if you’re in Perth, Sydney or any other location in Australia or around the world. If you want to attract qualified leads and convert them into customers, Shopping Ads can definitely help you achieve this. There are certain situations where the implementation of a Shopping Ads strategy is beneficial:

Break into a niche market If you have a new or better product, Shopping Ads will give you the boost you need to showcase your products right alongside those of big-name retailers. Not only will this help you break into new niche markets, but Google Shopping Ads also convert exceptionally well when set up and optimised correctly. We recommend also using Google Display Ads and Search Ads alongside Google Shopping Ads for maximum impact on increasing the revenue of your business.
Compete with other brands offering similar products You'll be competing side by side with other businesses targeting the same market. If you optimise your Google Shopping Ads and create a well-crafted website with conversion rate optimisation in mind and compelling content to prompt sales, the return-on-investment can be substantial.
Leverage market intelligence gathered through Shopping Ads You can use the platform not only to get conversions but also to get some intel on your competition. This could be the motivation you need to continuously up your game and ensure your ads attract more clicks. Data is priceless, and Google Shopping Ads with accurate tracking can put you ahead of your competition. Of course, this works both ways, which is why you need the expert guidance of a Google shopping agency – that’s us, White Chalk Road.

Google Shopping FAQs

Google Shopping Ads may seem quite complicated to get started. However once running, with the assistance of an online marketing agency, ongoing optimisation and performance tweaks, your shopping ads will provide a very positive ROI.

To get your e-commerce business into Google Shopping you first need to set up a Google Merchant Centre account. From here, you'll need to input your product feed data in Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords). To make the process less stressful and create easier-to-optimise Google Shopping campaigns, we recommend using a product feed platform such as Feedonomics.

To get on Google Shopping and set up a Feedonomics account, we recommend getting in touch with a digital agency that is experienced with Google Shopping campaigns. Chat to White Chalk Road today.

Product feeds are required to list your website catalogue on online shopping channels such as Google Shopping. The shopping feed should contain all the essential product data of the items you're looking to sell online. A few common fields required for a product feed are usually (find the full list here):

  • Product ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Shipping

The fields required for a shopping feed can vary across platforms, so we recommend speaking to your current account manager to ensure your product feed is set up correctly and includes all necessary product information. If your pricing changes regularly, such as seasonal discounts or special offers, your feed will need to quickly update to reflect these changes within Google shopping.

Whilst Google Ads, Shopping Ads and SEO all fall under the realm of digital marketing, optimising or utilising one digital marketing channel or campaign does not immediately or directly affect other digital marketing channels.

For the most part, while Google Ads and Shopping Ads can boost awareness, brand recognition, traffic and sales, it does not impact your SEO results.

The Google Shopping tab within Google allows users to see search results specifically for products that can be purchased from online vendors. A shopper can use the 'Shopping' search engine to receive product information such as pricing, store, product name and more, before selecting a search ad to click on. Whilst using this tab of Google's search engine, users can refine their search using the search functions to the left of their screen.

When setting up a campaign, many businesses decide to use a marketing agency rather than setting up Google Ads (formally Google AdWords), the Google Merchant Centre and product feed themselves. This is due to the whole process being quite confusing and time-consuming.

By using a digital agency who are experienced with shopping campaigns, business owners know that their campaigns will be set up correctly and are likely to perform better than if they were to do the setup themselves.

If your products can be found when users are shopping Google, but you would prefer them to be hidden, there are a few ways you can remove these product listing ads. The two most common ways to exclude items is by removing the product ID from your product feed or excluding it directly within Google Ads.

To do this correctly, we recommend speaking to your local marketing agency and have them handle the exclusion. This will ensure that users will not see incorrect products in the search results when shopping Google.

Google Shopping Ads with White Chalk Road

White Chalk Road is your go-to Google Shopping company that’ll set you up for success by helping increase your bottom line with strategic Google Shopping Ads placements. With White Chalk Road as your Google Shopping Ads partner, you have the assurance that professionals in the PPC practice are there to assist and advise you on the following:

1. Google Merchant Centre setup

To get you started on Shopping Ads, we’ll not only set up your Google Merchant Centre account but also take care of your shopping feeds. The Google Merchant Centre is your hub for all Google Shopping campaigns being run for your business. We can even show you how to use and review the performance of your marketing strategy within the Google Merchant Centre.

2. Google Ads setup

We’ll also get you all set up at Google Ads with your own account and iron out other details, such as your campaign, keywords, ad groups, strategy and everything you need to maximise your account. We can then link your Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads accounts, so everything is good to go!

3. Google Shopping management

As part of our Google shopping management services, we continually optimise your Google Shopping Ads to lower cost-per-acquisition and bid limits, while improving conversion numbers. Sounds like a lot, right? We’re simply letting you know that getting your accounts set up and linked is just the beginning. The real action happens when your ads are out there for all the world to see. Ongoing Google shopping management will help to maximise your investment and boost ROI.

4. Digital marketing reporting, consulting and advice

We’ll keep you in the loop so you know exactly where your money is going and where your ads are performing best. We’ll be your BFF in the Shopping Ads landscape – we’ll share industry advice, Google trends and ensure best practices are being implemented right away, especially when Google makes changes with Google Ads. We also include the performance of your shopping ads, search ads and search queries used to access your website within the ongoing reports.

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