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Google Search Ads are the quickest, simplest and often the most effective style of online advertising for your business.

Google Search Ads allow you to quickly catch the eye of potential customers and provide key messages at the top of search results pages.

Whether the goal is to increase awareness of a new service, sell more products, or expand an email-marketing list, Google Search Ads can play an important role in accomplishing business goals.

While Google Search Ad campaigns are cost-effective and relatively quick to set up, they do require expert Google Ads management.

If you want targeted traffic to your website from relevant search results pages, then Paid Search Advertising is the best solution.


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How Search Ads Work

Google Search Ads are the listings that appear on search engine results pages, because they have been paid to be included.

They are usually located at the top of the results list – either marked by an area with a lightly coloured background or a small ‘ad’ label, or at the right-hand side of the results page.

To advertise, you identify keywords to bid on in an auction, how much you want to spend, and create groups of those keywords paired with ads.

Google enters the most relevant keyword from your groups into an auction with the maximum bid you’ve specified and the associated ad.

Where your ad is placed is determined by your maximum bid and a quality score (based on click through rate, relevance and landing page).

Hover over areas on the image and you will see the different elements which can comprise a search engine results page.

Google Search Ads Management

White Chalk Road offers Google Search Ad Management across major online advertising platforms including Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo!

WCR can take the pain out of managing your Google Search Ads campaigns through:

  • Better landing page quality scores
  • Lower average cost per click
  • Accurate goal conversion tracking
  • Adherence to monthly budget
  • Lower cost per conversion