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White Chalk Road is a dedicated SEO Melbourne Agency, devoted to getting a return on investment for our valued clients through tailored SEO campaigns. We have been providing specialized SEO services to Melbourne businesses for over 22 years and pride ourselves on getting excellent results.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about understanding how search engines operate and optimizing your site so that performs well in search results for your targeted search queries. SEO Search engine rankings are based on how well your website answers the user’s query.

Our tailored SEO Melbourne services ensure your website is located on the first page of search results, whenever your target audience type in a relevant search query.

Our SEO strategies are individually created for your business by analyzing your target audience, industry, and competitors. Each SEO client is different and each SEO strategy is different. We create bespoke SEO strategies to get you the best possible outcome for your business and budget.

As an SEO Melbourne Agency & Google Premier Partner, our SEO strategies stay ahead of the game by keeping a close eye on Google Algorithm changes and refining our approach, to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Our entire team is based in Australia and we do not outsource our work, ensuring the quality of our service to you. Our SEO Melbourne team has a combined industry experience of over 60 years and we are constantly upskilling and recruiting the best, to keep improving our service delivery outcomes.

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A conversion-based Melbourne SEO campaign built on 20+ years of industry insight

Your SEO campaign success

Our SEO & Digital Marketing Strategies are designed to increase your bottom line and maximize your marketing return on investment. We understand all businesses and budgets are different, and we create a targeted SEO strategy to get the best SEO results.

Our top SEO managers are Google Analytics & Ads qualified and receive ongoing training from Google in best practice techniques. We analyse your results daily, to monitor your key KPIs such as online sales, phone calls, contact forms etc. We also provide End of Month reports so you can see how your SEO results are tracking month on month, helping you gauge how your marketing is progressing.

As an experienced SEO Melbourne Company, we know you, as business owners are time-poor, so we take the stress out of your SEO & digital marketing, to help you focus on what’s important.

Conversion optimisation

As an experienced SEO company we understand the importance of conversion rate optimisation as part of your SEO campaign. We set KPIs around what is important to the growth of your business, such as online bookings or orders, contact forms, or app sign-ups. We take a long term approach to create onsite content to maximise conversions (such as sales funnels and Call to Actions) as part of your SEO campaign.

Our Melbourne SEO services will get your phone ringing or more traffic through the door. You tell us, as business owners, what is important, and we make it happen. As a local SEO Melbourne company, we understand what is important, and that’s more leads and sales for your business.

The right SEO web traffic

As an experienced SEO & Digital Agency in Melbourne, we have developed bespoke SEO strategies to increase the right website traffic to your website. We don’t waste your marketing dollars getting the “most” traffic. We get qualified traffic to your site, which will convert to more customers. If you only sell to people in Melbourne, your SEO strategy will be focused on Melbourne, not interstate. Qualified traffic means fewer time wasters and more successful leads for your business.

It all starts with a User Experience and SEO Strategy. We optimise your website based on how users will interact with the site, to ensure SEO brings in the right traffic to your site and they follow your call to actions. Our SEO Melbourne Team has over 22 years of experience creating tailored SEO traffic strategies helping businesses right across Victoria.

SEO keyword focus

Our in-depth SEO keyword research aims to identify popular words and phrases your customers enter into search engines, to drive the right traffic to your website. We target relevant locations/areas of operations for your business to attract the right people to your website.

After understanding the conversions that matter most to you, and understanding the interests of your ideal customers, we create a Melbourne SEO strategy to identify the most common ways people are searching for your business. We use several specialised SEO tools to give us accurate search result data and ensure we focus every page of your website to target the most qualified, high-value SEO Melbourne keywords.

There are no set SEO plans – we create tailored SEO strategies to suit your budget and campaign goals. We will work with you to create an SEO Melbourne keyword strategy that maximizes your marketing spend.

Your experienced SEO agency in Melbourne

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adapting your website, to ensure it is found in Google search results. This means you need to be across any Google algorithm changes and adapt your SEO Melbourne strategy to align with these updates.

Google uses a sophisticated algorithm, with daily updates, to decide which websites should appear at the top of search results. The algorithm itself has over 200 search signals associated with a website, including technical code attributes, website speed, functionality, and authority.

Your Melbourne SEO Agency needs to intimately understand these search signals and stay up to date with any changes, to ensure long term success for your SEO Melbourne strategy. With over 22 years in the business, you can trust White Chalk Road to understand how to get the best results through SEO for your website and business.

Our job as SEO Melbourne experts is to keep up to date with any changes to the search signals and evolve our SEO strategies to keep you ahead of the game. You can trust that we will continue to invest in our Search Marketing Specialists to keep them ahead of the curve, keeping your business at the forefront of your industry.

Scott Collins – Managing Director of White Chalk Road

Melbourne SEO services to get results

How our tailored SEO strategies are structured to build your business.

Local SEO Melbourne

Local SEO targets users in your local area, when they are searching for your product or service. Local SEO helps you get discovered on Google Maps and in local search results. This is a vital step in your SEO Melbourne Strategy, to ensure customers can find you on Google Maps.

A Local Melbourne SEO strategy is always included in your SEO services. We will help optimise and increase the authority of your local listing in both Google My Business and Bing.

Local Melbourne SEO will:

  • Ensure you can be found on Google & Apple Maps
  • Promote your business to local customers in your area
  • Increase leads & sales for your business

Technical SEO

The backend of your website needs to be easy for Google’s system to read and index. By understanding the over 200 search signals Google users to index websites, we ensure the technical SEO aspects of your website (including user experience functionality) are updated to help Google seamlessly read and index your website.

Our expert Search Marketing Managers run routine Technical SEO audits, and closely analyze all website user data (such as conversion and page experience data) to understand how both Google and users interact with your website.

Technical website SEO will:

  • Ensure your website code is simple for Google to index
  • Increase your website visibility in search results
  • Improve the user experience on your website

Local SEO copywriting

A successful SEO Melbourne strategy relies on quality SEO copywriting. Our copywriters are all based in Australia and understand the local market and colloquialisms. This is important for both users and also to rank higher in Google.

Quality SEO copywriting both on your website and offsite helps sell your product or service to your target audience, along with pleasing the search signals required for your to rank in Google search results.

SEO copywriting will:

  • Ensure you outrank your competitors in Google search results
  • Help sell your service to your target customer
  • Allow you to be found for more keywords

Internal & external links

Internal and external SEO link building builds the reputation of your website for search engines, which is how they decide which sites will rank on the first page of search results. Internal links help both users and Google understand and navigate your site.

External links help build the “authority” of your website, by demonstrating that other associated businesses trust and link to your website.

Internal & external SEO link building will:

  • Improve Your Domain Authority
  • Enhance the UX on Your Website
  • Help Improve Keyword Ranking

Which SEO Melbourne agency should you choose?

When deciding which SEO Agency in Melbourne is right for you, it’s important you check they have the right experience and a proven track record in your industry. A great starting point is to check their Google My Business Reviews, to see what other businesses have to say about their services. You should also ask for references from the SEO Agency from other businesses they have worked with. This will help ensure they have the right SEO skills and experience to get you results.

White Chalk Road are locally based, so we love to have regular face-to-face meetings with both our potential and loyal clients. So consider where the SEO Agency is based, if they are based overseas or in a different time zone, it can be detrimental to regular communication.

Google also has some tips for choosing the right SEO Agency, and why it is important for your business, which you can check out here.

Actionable insights through quality SEO data

We use industry-leading SEO & online marketing tools to track results. White Chalk Road invests heavily in industry-leading SEO tools to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors to bring you the best data, understand your customers, and improve SEO results. By using innovative SEO tools we ensure your SEO Melbourne campaigns are continually refined to maximise ROI.

ahrefs Leading link audit tool.
SEMrush Industry keyword and topic research tool.
SE Ranking Keyword ranking tracker.
Screaming Frog Website audit crawler and technical website review tool.
Social Pilot Social media scheduling tool.
GTmetrix Website technical performance and speed audit tool.

FAQs from our SEO Melbourne clients

Get help understanding how to use SEO to get results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) improves your website to match Google's search parameters. The search engine uses a complex algorithm, with over 200 search signals, to decide which websites to rank highest in their search result pages.

With over 20+ years in the SEO industry and advanced knowledge of white-hat Melbourne SEO practices, White Chalk Road has a strong understanding of how to improve the rankings of your website, and generate a higher percentage of conversions from site visitors through tailored SEO campaigns.

Every SEO strategy is different, and every budget is different. SEO campaign costs are usually determined by how much work (ie how many hours a month) you will need to spend, in order to get results.

The cost of your SEO service is highly dependent on your business and industry, with some locations and industries much more competitive than others.

If you provide one product or service, in a niche industry, your SEO costs to achieve results may well be much lower, than a business selling thousands of products in a highly competitive market. At the end of the day, you just need to outrank your competitors, and this can be more or less difficult, depending on your industry.

The current authority of your website is also a large consideration when determining the costs of your SEO campaign. If you have a brand new website, you are starting from scratch and may need to invest more, than a well-established website, which already has some ranking authority.

As an experienced SEO Agency, White Chalk Road will do an initial technical SEO audit of your website and industry, to determine how competitive it will be to get results. We can then provide an accurate SEO quote to achieve the best return on your SEO marketing investment.

Nope! Our entire SEO team is based in Australia and understand the local Melbourne market. Our expert SEO team are university qualified and have extensive experience in managing successful marketing campaigns.

Our local legends are highly motivated to stay ahead of the curve and maintain up to date industry knowledge on all things Google and SEO Melbourne best practices.

Sadly No - and anyone who 'guarantees' this is wrong. We know what is achievable and provide you with realistic KPIs at the start of your SEO campaign, to ensure you increase the bottom line for your business.

Tracking keyword rankings alone is pointless. The best way to monitor your keyword positions in search and the value to your business is through a detailed keyword report, outlining current average positions across a range of keyword phrases and a realistically expected target growth for that average over an agreed period.

You should tie this in with tracking other important metrics, such as the amount of qualified (customers who want to buy) traffic (website visits) that your website receives from people via Google. For an SEO optimised website, increased targeted traffic will mean increased leads and ultimately increased profit for your business.

While there is no 'magic number', you can usually expect to see SEO results between 4-6 months. This highly depends on how much work is being completed on your SEO campaign (eg if you are only doing a few hours a month, it can take much longer to see results). The competitiveness of your industry also plays a large part, and your SEO company should give you an accurate expectation of how long your SEO campaign will take, based on your industry and budget.

Your SEO campaign results will continue to grow over time, so whatever results you are seeing at the 6-month mark, should generally improve further by the 12, 18, and 24-month mark. It is hugely important you set up analytics tracking right from the start, to ensure you are monitoring accurate SEO data to track results.

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