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free australian local citations

30 Free Australian Local Citations for SEO – Updated 2021

Heard the importance of local citations as an SEO service but not sure which Australian web directories and sources are worth your time and effort?...
set up successful online store

How to Set Up a Successful Online Store in 2021

If you have a product to sell in 2021, you need an online store. With pretty much the whole world on digital devices throughout the...
Facebook Business Pages

The Benefits of Creating A Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page can easily just be seen as a glamorised online profile but for businesses, it’s an effective opportunity to build an audience and provide...
GA logo blog

How to Use Google Analytics in 2021

Google Analytics is a free tool, provided by Google, which allows you to measure the traffic to your website – and so much more! Google...
Google Algorirthum Updates 2021

Understanding Google Algorithm Updates: Past, Present & Future

Google makes thousands of changes to their algorithm every year. They are constantly refining and perfecting their search functionality, to provide the best user experience....
growing with google decade in search

Growing With Google – The Last Decade in Search

Established in early 1999, White Chalk Road was one of the first dedicated online and search marketing business in Australia. Google was launched in 1998...
guest posting quality links

How Guest Posting Builds Quality Backlinks to Your Website

Guest posting is arguably one of the best ways to create quality backlinks to your website. For several years the debate has raged on, whether...
Core Web Vitals og

Core Web Vitals: How To Make Your Website Succeed in 2021

With the May 2020 core Google update finally rolled out, the last thing SEO service providers and webmasters wanted to hear was that there is...
Ideas to Market Your Business During COVID-19

Adapt to Survive: Ideas to Market Your Business During COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has sent the world into a new digital era. In Australia, small businesses are looking at ways to pivot their products and...

Maintaining Your Digital Marketing During a Crisis

Many of us, both here in WA and around the world, are adjusting to the new reality of working remotely from home. This is to...
how to rank for local keywords

The Secret Weapon to Dominate Micro Local Rankings on Google

Most local businesses invest in seo services to try to rank for macro local keywords on Google for a good reason, but forget about the...
faq schema google tag manager

How To Add FAQ Schema To A Webpage (No Developer Or Plugin)

Adding FAQ Schema to pages on your website allows you to take up more of the ‘real estate’ with your organic listing. It's a more...

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