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If you’re an online business, Google remarketing ads can help get sales by targeting indecisive shoppers who have visited your website but abandoned their virtual shopping cart.

A remarketing ad can send a subtle message to bring visitors back to your site.

How? Remarketing allows you to deliver ads (including Google Shopping Ads) to people who have visited your website, so when those people leave your website, they will start to see your ads show up in relevant places across the internet.

This strategy lets you reconnect with potential and existing customers as they browse different areas of the internet.

They may have only been curious about your products before, but as they continue to consider their options – and continue to see your brand show in relevant places – they’ll likely come back to your site when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Find out how White Chalk Road can help bring customers back to your website with expert remarketing management from Google Ads specialists.


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How Remarketing Ads Management Works

  • 1 We upload your display ads or text ads for your remarketing campaign in Google Ads.
  • 2 We add a small snippet of code to your website or certain pages. This will not be visible to users.
  • 3 Potential customers visit your website and land on these pages
  • 4 Their computer recognises, reads and saves the code from your website, allowing your remarketing campaign to remember the computer has visited your website
  • 5 Now, whenever the user visits another website that your campaign is targeting your ad will show up aiming at bringing them back to your website to generate an enquiry.

This is an extremely targeted and highly cost-effective way to secure ad space on highly trafficked Australian websites such as and

Remarketing ads generally result in a high number of low-cost conversions (sales or leads), because the ads are being shown to people who have already visited your website, are familiar with your brand and have considered purchasing your product or service already.


Website Visitor


Visits Your site


Visits a Popular Site


Sees Your Ad


Returns to Your site

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