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SEO copywriting is a special form of writing that helps target your customers and solve their problems with well-crafted content, while also helping search engines understand the content to rank it higher in search results for relevant searches.

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Website copywriting is about more than simply hitting all the right keywords and key phrases – although this is certainly important. It’s also about building a strong content marketing strategy with a goal to engage your audience and keep their interest. It’s about providing pages of valuable content that is not only well-structured but also loads quickly.

Basically, it’s about bringing together a wealth of different techniques and strategies to make your content shine. This is exactly what we do at White Chalk Road.

If you want to succeed online, you need SEO copywriting from Perth’s Specialist SEO agency. The fact is you won’t rank in search engines without search engine optimised content.

There’s a lot of science, digital marketing research and industry SEO writing technique that goes into producing quality content that will benefit your website.

Making your site interesting and useful through compelling optimised content will more positively influence your online performance than any other tactic.

Whether it’s web pages, onsite blogs, other text-based marketing resources, or localised content such as SEO copywriting for Melbourne, the success of your content marketing strategy will depend on how well your content is written and optimised.

Putting your audience first

First and foremost, you need the right approach to SEO content creation. Yes, you want to rank high on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), but think about what these search engine rankings are for.

These rankings and algorithms are not traps designed to trip your content marketing strategy up – They are lists of relevant websites that internet users want to see when they browse – This means content marketing companies need to put the user first, developing pages that are relevant, user-friendly, and perfectly crafted for the target audience.

In other words, your audience needs to be at the heart of your content marketing strategy. At White chalk Road, we keep this in mind, learning more about your target audience, what you offer, and how we can connect the two.

Elements of SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting serves many masters. It must serve readers well, provide compelling information about your business, be formatted so search engines can understand it and appeal to other authority sites from which you want quality backlinks.

This means you need a comprehensive SEO copywriting strategy, covering a number of different aspects.

Have your content optimised by specialists

It’s a specialist task but done correctly, the sustained results are worth the effort.

White Chalk Road also assists with guest posting services to help broaden your reach and improve the authority of your website.

As search engines such as Google put greater emphasis on quality content that shows expertise, authority and trust (EAT), businesses can’t afford to take shortcuts with SEO copywriting.

White Chalk Road offers website copywriting, blog management and digital marketing services. We are experts in SEO and SEO Copywriting.

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SEO copywriting frequently asked questions

Want to find out more about our SEO copywriting services? Read our most frequently asked questions for quick answers.

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SEO copywriting involves a range of content marketing services with optimised keywords and strategies which allow your website to rank higher in the Google results organically. These include:

  • Blog content creation and management
  • Webpage content creation
  • Product and service descriptions

Ranking highly in Google requires relevance, freshness, and network authority.

SEO copywriting allows Google to understand the products or services your company provides through keywords and phrases and, therefore, rank your website in search results.

Quality SEO copywriting increases your ranking because Google recognizes that you supply high-quality information that would be valuable to users.

SEO copywriting techniques vary depending on the type of copy being written, the industry, and the company's goals.

SEO copywriters should conduct keyword research and utilise keywords related to the industry and the landing page subject so Google can understand the topic of the content to ensure the page appears in the correct search results.

It is important to include many headings containing keywords to help break up the content.

Lastly, Google will consider the length of content written and prioritise different lengths for different topics and industries depending on what is already published on the web.

SEO copywriting can be performed by either a copywriter or a business owner who is confident in their writing ability.

Content can be outsourced to copywriters or a content marketing agency who specialise in writing for search engine optimization. This is, in many cases, a favourable option as they understand how to utilise the Google search engine algorithm and different tools to receive a high ranking.

In order to rank highly on Google’s SERPs, your website needs to be user-friendly. It needs to be well structured and easy for users and crawlers to navigate, incorporating title tag and meta description best practices. It also needs to load quickly, providing your users with the results they need quickly. This is why you need an internet marketing company who is not only strategic with content creation but can also support technical SEO performance.

There is no single “secret” to SEO website copywriting. Content marketing services and SEO content writing are complex disciplines, with lots of different aspects working together to achieve success in organic search.

However, there is one unifying factor to all of these aspects of writing content – the user is at the heart of everything. All content your online business produces – and every strategy you utilise – must be geared towards achieving the very best experience for your customers.

This will help you nurture your customers, generate more leads and grow your profits. All of this is critical to your business success.

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