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SEO Copywriting

Crafting Compelling Content with SEO Copywriting

If you want to succeed online, you need SEO copywriting. The fact is you won’t rank in search engines without search engine optimised content.

SEO copywriting is a special form of writing that helps target your customers and solve their problems with well-crafted content, while also helping search engines understand the content to rank it higher in search results for relevant searches.

There’s a lot of science, marketing research and SEO writing technique that goes into producing quality content that will benefit your website.

Making your site interesting and useful through compelling optimised content will more positively influence your online performance than any other tactic.

Whether it’s web pages, onsite blogs or other text-based marketing resources, your success will depend on how well your content is written and optimised.

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Elements of SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting serves many masters. It must serve readers well, provide compelling information about your business, be formatted so search engines can understand it and appeal to other authority sites from which you want quality editorial links.

It involves:

  • The right keyword research, so that it can target a topic with enough search traffic potential
  • Audience research to target solutions for searchers researching the topic
  • Engaging, easy to read content that also serves business marketing goals
  • Formatting for search engines and readers (spacing, headers, keywords, metadata)
  • Promoting and amplifying the content for quality backlinks (to signify trust to search engines from other websites and help drive traffic)

It’s a specialist task, but done correctly, the sustained results are worth the effort.

As search engines such as Google put greater emphasis on quality content that shows expertise, authority and trust (EAT), businesses can’t afford to take shortcuts with SEO copywriting.

White Chalk Road offers website copywriting, blog management and content marketing services.

Blog Management

An onsite blog is one of the best ways to keep your website updated with fresh, relevant and useful resources for your customers and potential customers alike.

However, writing new content and resources on a weekly or monthly basis can be time consuming. If you have no-one to keep on top of your content plan or optimise your content, you may need assistance.

WCR blog management covers:

  • Keyword research and a content strategy, including publishing schedule (ie monthly)
  • Production of SEO optimised blog content
  • Publishing on your website (after content approval)

If blog management is part of your wider web marketing services with White Chalk Road, and we have access to your analytics, we can also report on published blog traffic.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing comprises a range of content-based strategies to earn backlinks in support of SEO for your website.

White Chalk Road can produce and outreach content to other websites as one way to position your expertise, get targeted and relevant click-through traffic and typically earn a great link to your website.

We can also respond to content requests from journalists and publications in your niche, collaborate on guides and contribute to other online assets as part of your wide web marketing activities with White Chalk Road.

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