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It has often been said that LinkedIn is a B2B goldmine. Not your typical social media platform, LinkedIn is more like a niche social network for professionals and industry leaders.

Maximise your access to decision-makers & industry influencers

Acquire new clients through strategic B2B campaigns with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn is the official hangout of many corporate executives and Fortune 500 decision-makers whenever they’re online during their spare time. And unlike users of Facebook, Instagram or other ‘casual’ social media platforms, LinkedIn users are actively searching for relevant, valuable content.

They’re not there for entertainment or actively killing time. They want material they can use to improve their business.

So, if you’re looking to advertise and tap into the B2B market, LinkedIn is the place to be – and all you need is a dedicated LinkedIn ads agency.

What being on LinkedIn means for businesses

Aside from being the ‘online hangout’ of business executives and decision-makers, LinkedIn has more going for it if you want unprecedented access to the B2B market.

  • LinkedIn membership has grown to more than 660 million members.
  • LinkedIn has 675 million monthly users, including public searches.
  • Over 100 million professionals use LinkedIn daily.
  • There are 61 million senior-level users, 40 million users in decision-making positions and 10 million C-suite members on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform used amongst Fortune 500 firms.

The benefits of advertising on LinkedIn

By leveraging your presence on the platform through LinkedIn ads, you gain exposure to prospective B2B clients. You can accomplish this and more by partnering with White Chalk Road, an expert LinkedIn advertising agency you can depend on.

Advertising on Linked in is a smart, strategic move for companies that want to make their products or services known to their market.

You have access to valuable information Unlike other social media platforms where fake profiles or ‘information’ are quite common, LinkedIn provides precise information that’s not easily accessible anywhere else. As a professional social network, LinkedIn users more readily provide accurate information regarding their work and educational background, location, current position, skills and more.
You can benefit from advanced targeting options Before launching an ad on LinkedIn, you have the option to be very specific in terms of your target audience. You can specify not only their location and job title but also their industry, company name, degree and many more. By providing you with this detailed targeting, you can make better use of your ad budget and expect better results.
It’s your ticket to a very specific type of audience Being on LinkedIn provides opportunities to network and sell to other businesses, companies and institutional clients.
You can customise your advertising budget By giving you the option to adjust your budget and bids as needed, you can save on costs whilst also maximising results.
It supports account-based marketing or ABM If your marketing campaign is designed to target specific accounts or clients, you can use LinkedIn advertising to implement it. It not only enables you to target entire accounts or individuals with accuracy but also lets you save on cost.
Personalised ads to individuals via Sponsored InMail This option allows you to customise your message depending on your goal and target a valuable recipient. You can use Sponsored InMail not only to market a product or service. You can also use it to encourage membership registrations, newsletter sign-ups and downloads of exclusive branded content. And you won’t be wasting a single cent on your campaign as LinkedIn will ensure you are unable to send messages to inactive members.

LinkedIn advertising with White Chalk Road

As a LinkedIn advertising agency with a proven track record of performance, White Chalk Road is equipped to provide you with the expertise required to run a successful ad campaign.

As your LinkedIn ads partner, we are ready to provide you with all the resources you need to launch your campaign and achieve favourable results.

With White Chalk Road by your side, you’ll have time to focus on growing your business and network. We’ll take care of the creation, monitoring and evaluation of your LinkedIn ad campaigns. We’ll be submitting reports and recommendations and are available to answer any queries you may have.

Frequently asked questions about LinkedIn Ads

Here are the answers to some common questions that clients ask about LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads are a form of digital marketing that shares sponsored content in users’ news feeds, just like many other platforms that sell advertising spaces.

However, LinkedIn marketing is the perfect place to advertise products and services within the business and education niche, as many people within this market use LinkedIn to be inspired to grow their careers.

Products and services you can often see advertised on LinkedIn include workshops, online education, university and TAFE courses, networking events and so on.

You can simply create LinkedIn Ads, through a LinkedIn Campaign Manager account, by completing the following steps.

  • Create a new campaign and set the objective(s) you wish to achieve.
  • Set your target market based on their company, education provider, skills and much more.
  • Select the format you would like for your advertisement.
  • Set your budget and your advertising schedule.
  • Launch your campaign and monitor it as it's running to see if you should refine your target market to optimise your ad.

LinkedIn Ads are beneficial as LinkedIn is a great place to reach the niche market of business and career-focused individuals. Furthermore, commonly people who use LinkedIn are key decision-makers within businesses, who are likely the people you want to impress.

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