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No matter how well designed your website or how many visitors you’re converting into customers, with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) there are always improvements that can be made to boost your bottom line.

Optimise your website for users

White Chalk Road is a CRO agency who uses a structured and analytical approach when analysing your websites conversion rate.

Our expert team can help determine why website visitors aren’t taking the actions you want them to and help guide improvements to reach your conversion targets.

A practical performance boost, from a CRO agency like White Chalk Road, ensures you have data backed evidence and informed strategies to:

  • Give website visitors what they want
  • Make it easy for them to take action
  • Simplify their experiences to keep their attention
  • Target the right customers to build repeat business

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What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a data-backed marketing method to increase your online sales, lead generation, conversion rates and other engagement metrics without increasing the number of visitors to your web site.

The focus is to get the maximum benefit from traffic already attracted to your website, saving you money and achieving a better return on investment (ROI).

CRO determines why website visitors aren’t taking the actions you want them to and how you can improve this. These actions could be anything from signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, making a purchase, downloading an App, or whatever performance metric you’ve set.

When you increase your conversions and conversion rate itself, you will increase your overall revenue, decrease your cost per customer acquisition and increase the overall ROI for your digital marketing efforts. Hence, focusing on CRO will help support the success of other marketing efforts.

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Signs that you need CRO

CRO improves your website’s efficiency and allows you to lower your customer acquisition costs.

So how do you know if your website needs CRO?

Well, there are a number of signs including:

  • Your website has high traffic but conversions are low and hence so to is your conversion rate
  • Your website is old and/or you haven’t reviewed your call to actions in a while
  • You just redesigned your website but aren’t seeing real results
  • Your bounce rate is extremely high
  • High cart abandonment or form fall-outs

These signs can all be measured in tools such as Google Analytics. However, if you’re unsure on how to gather this data, speak to a CRO agency like White Chalk Road today.

The benefits of conversion rate optimisation

More sales, leads and customers Without having to drive additional visitors to your site.
Lower your customer acquisition costs Increasing your conversion rate reduces the amount each new customer costs to attract.
Improve effectiveness of paid advertising Paid advertising can prove costly, especially if there are issues with your conversion funnel.
Boost customer relationships with your brand Providing a better experience for your site visitors will benefit brand perception and boost sales and sharing.
Stay ahead of your competition Digital marketing is a complex area where employing effective strategies to stay ahead can have major benefits for your business. Don’t just copy what you ‘think’ is working for your competitors, get data-backed evidence of what will work for you and follow this with rigorous testing.
Benefit your SEO Google rewards sites that provide great experiences for visitors. Factors such as user engagement, bounce rate and time spent on site can all contribute to quality signals of value, relevance and clarity, boosting your SEO campaign.

What is your website conversion rate?

To work out your current website conversion rate:

  1. Use your analytics tool to get the total number of conversions for your site. That is, the number of unique visitors who did the action you wanted (e.g. signed up for an email newsletter, made a purchase, downloaded an ebook, or other action).
  2. Divide the total number of conversions by the total number of visitors to your site to get your conversion rate.

Look at metrics such as bounce rate, exit rate, average time on site and pages per view to qualify your conversion rate figure and determine areas of concern.

Still unsure on how to measure your conversion rate? Our team will be able to assist.

Where to implement a CRO strategy

A conversion rate optimisation strategy should be implemented across all pages on your website. Whether it’s your home page, individual blogs, pricing pages or paid search landing pages.

The reason being is because you want to give every chance you have to improve conversions and create more leads, so it only makes sense to formulate your CRO strategy based on the entire website – without looking spammy, of course!

Your conversion actions should flow with the existing content or create an urge for more customers to click the option and input their details.

CRO should be stategised in conjunction with other digital marketing efforts such as SEO copywriting, link building, local SEO and technical SEO to ensure your website has the best possible opportunity to perform well and attract more users.

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WCR’s structured approach to better business results

Our structured approach to a CRO audit uses a selection of methodologies to determine the best CRO strategy for your website, whether it’s the one landing page or every page on the website. We then implement the strategy, conduct rigorous testing, and track the results.

We consider both on-page and off-page factors, from optimising content and the structure and placement of your call-to-actions (CTA), through to social proof and your site’s security, to improve performance.

Split testing or A/B testing, customer journey analysis, cart abandonment analysis and segmentation tactics may also be employed to come to an outcome. Our approach is specifically tailored to your site and your industry.

If you don’t know where to start, speaking to a CRO agency can help. Get in touch with us to learn more about our CRO services and book in for a free consultation.

Know your websites sales funnel, improve sales and reach your business goals

If CRO isn’t a part of your existing marketing strategy, it should be. Whether your marketing efforts involve focusing heavily on SEO or Google Ads, without the right CRO set up, your efforts on other marketing channels will suffer.

The team at White Chalk Road has the expertise to help businesses improve their website’s conversion rates.

Frequently asked questions about website CRO

Here are the answers to some common questions that clients ask about Website CRO.

More questions? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

A website conversion is when a website visitor completes a call-to-action which you are tracking as a desirable goal —for example, buying a product, signing up to an email list or using a link to make a phone call or email. Moreover, the Website Conversion Rate is the percentage of site visitors who have completed one or more of the desired actions.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation, or Website CRO, is when you make strategic changes to your website's call-to-action buttons and surrounding content to create a higher conversion rate.

Google Analytics is a great way to measure your Website Conversion Rate. Once you have connected your website to google analytics, you can determine what percentage of visitors are using your call to action buttons.

It can also give you an idea of how to improve your conversion rates by showing you which web pages aren't performing as successfully as others.

Conversion rate optimisation can be achieved using a number of methods which are all dependent on your business, your website and your industry. Some key practices to achieve CRO include:

  • Using strong, clear and concise CTA (1 - 3 words on a button)
  • CTA’s should be placed above the fold
  • Use less form fields
  • Create a level of urgency

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is all about boosting your website's visibility on search engines, so you can reach your customers.

CRO then ensures that when these customers reach your website, they are more likely to convert into leads - by filling out a contact form, signing up to your newsletter, downloading an eBook, or whatever conversion goal you have in place.

A good conversion rate is anywhere between 2 - 4%. If your conversion rates are 5% or higher, you are doing exceptionally well. However, this is a generalisation across a multitude of industries and it does vary depending on the page the conversion is occurring - For example, a pricing page is generally more likely to achieve more conversions at a higher conversion rate than an informational blog post.

CRO can affect the performance of other marketing efforts, whether they are SEO focused, social media ads or Google Ads, even radio or tv advertising! Reason being, is if users click through or search your website and land on a page that offers little to no way of them converting, i.e. ‘get in touch’, ‘learn more’, ‘let’s chat’, then more often than not, they will exit from your website.

So, even though your other marketing tactics may be performing well and attracting potential customers to your website, they aren’t converting into leads.

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