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Not-for-profit marketing services

White Chalk Road is committed to giving back to the Perth community, where we work and live. We partner with Not for Profit organisations in WA to help them achieve their marketing goals.

We have been operating in Perth for the past 20+ years, providing digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses, who need help being found online by their customers.

We are proud to also partner with local Not for Profit organisations, to help grow their brands and tell their stories online through tailored SEO and search marketing services.

Frequently asked questions about Not-For-Profit Digital Marketing

Here are the answers to some common questions that clients ask about Not-For-Profit Digital Marketing.

Not-for-Profit Digital Marketing is beneficial similarly to how digital marketing for for-profit companies, in that it helps the not-for-profit gain exposure and reach their target market.

Here are some strategies that we have found to be beneficial for not-for-profit companies:

  • Use content to increase website traffic - storytelling is a great way to help people feel connected to your organisation. You can write about beneficiaries of your not-for-profit, the achievements or the achievements your organisation is striving towards.
  • Being active on social media is an excellent way for people to find and feel connected to your organisation, so posting regularly and interacting with other users is important.
  • Email marketing is a great way to keep those already invested in your organisation, such as your volunteers, benefactors and beneficiaries, updated on the company's achievements, new offerings, events and more.

Not-for-Profit Digital Marketing differs from regular marketing. Depending on the organisation, you likely want to have a different approach when communicating to your volunteers, benefactors, beneficiaries, and everyone you could potentially get involved with your not-for-profit.

It can be most beneficial to communicate what your organisation is, your mission, achievements, what you would like to achieve, and how people can get involved, help, or be a beneficiary of the organisation.

This is opposed to traditional marketing, where it's not so much about the organisation but about the products or services they are trying to sell.

There is a Nonprofit Digital Marketing grant program available through Google Ads for eligible nonprofit organisations. This grant supplies eligible organisations with a monthly grant of $10,000 worth of free advertising.

This money has been vital in successfully raising awareness and fundraising for small and large organisations, whose objectives range from taking action against world hunger, helping those suffering from mental health issues, fighting climate change and everything in between.


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