Google display advertising services

The Google Display Network reaches millions of websites, pages and Google sites such as YouTube and Gmail, giving you more places to promote your business.

Extend your business reach across the internet

Whether you want to promote your brand, generate product awareness, increase sales or get more leads there’s a range of visual ads you can use to reach your goals.

Display Ads are visually appealing and reach the right customers through optimisation of keywords as well as demographic and location targeting.

Let White Chalk Road help you connect with customers and capture their attention through Google Display Ads Management.

Google display ads management

Google Display Ads Management from White Chalk Road can help you use display advertising to drive relevant traffic to your website and reach your marketing goals.

We do this through:

  • Strategy and understanding the goal of your ads.
  • Targeting ads to customers interested in your products or services.
  • Reviewing ads assets and helping to create or advising your designers on imagery.
  • Monitoring and reviewing campaign results to tweak or retarget campaigns to achieve the best ROI.
  • Monthly reporting.

Frequently asked questions about Google Display Ads

Here are the answers to some common questions that clients ask about Google Display Ads.

Google Display Ads are an image-based form of advertising. The visual advertisements appear while users are browsing websites, Youtube, apps, and Gmail.

To create a Google Display Ad, you are required to upload multiple images, headings, and descriptions of the business, product or service you wish to advertise.


Google Display Ads are visual, making them an excellent option to advertise products or use aesthetic images to grab consumers attention when promoting a service.

Google Display Ads also help create brand awareness for those who have not yet searched for your service but are in your target market or have shown interest in topics very closely related to your product or service.



The Google Display Network comprises over 2 million websites, apps and videos where Google Display Ads can be shown. These websites, apps and videos benefit from displaying ads as they can earn revenue from providing advertising space for businesses.

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