Online marketing & SEO for legal firms

Law firms serve a very specific demographic, and there are also highly specialised legal establishments catering to a smaller set of clients.

Digital marketing for legal firms

According to the Law Society of NSW, there were already 18,748 private law firms operating across Australia when they published the 2018 National Profile of Solicitors. By that time, there were also 76,303 solicitors practising in Australia.

With so many law firms, how do you reach your audience or market? The answer: SEO and online marketing for legal firms.

If you have been slow to adapt to the changing business landscape, you need digital marketing to capture new clients, especially digitally savvy audiences like millennials and Gen Z.

Benefits of online marketing for legal firms

To attract more clients, beefing up your online profile is crucial. With digital marketing for legal firms, even law practitioners that require niche marketing assistance can improve their performance. This includes lawyers catering to families, the engineering and industrial sector, finance, healthcare and so on.

With the implementation of strategic SEO for legal firms, you can reap the following benefits:

Drive organic site visits By publishing legal SEO content like blog posts, short-form evergreen articles, multi-page guides, videos and so on, you can organically increase visits to your website and page views. This, in turn, can boost your search engine rankings significantly.
Increase website authority One of the key drivers of SEO is publishing content that is useful, purposeful, relevant and interesting. When people like the content you create, they'll share it or comment. These interactions count in improving user experience and increasing site and blog authority.
Attract local clients If your goal is to attract more clients, SEO and online marketing experts have the expertise and experience to help you achieve this through the use of specific localised content.

Common questions about legal firm SEO

Of course! We can work around your existing website structure by adding new content or revising and refreshing existing content.

At White Chalk Road, we consider each client’s unique requirements so we can deliver a tailored approach that brings tangible, measurable results.

We create custom bespoke web marketing plans based on your goals, KPIs and areas of focus. You can contact us if you need more information or would like us to create a custom content plan and quote.

Yes, you do. Having a social media account can improve user engagement. For example, with a LinkedIn profile, your legal firm can publish articles that people can read, comment on and share. You can also promote your website (and posts) on social media to increase site visits and get more leads.

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