Arteil is a family-owned furnishing business, providing ergonomic office chairs to individuals and businesses across Australia. They specialise in quality, Australian-made office chairs, manufactured onsite at their showroom in Perth.


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The challenge

Arteil started working with White Chalk Road in April 2019. After previously doing some paid Google Ads with a different agency with a limited return, Arteil decided to invest in SEO with the goal of long-term and sustained growth.

After gaining a solid understanding of their industry, White Chalk Road created a content and CRO driven SEO strategy that focused on adding content to product categories, understanding user behaviour on the website, and creating an ongoing blog plan. The addition of rich and insightful blog content has allowed Arteil to steal 300+ structured snippets and improve keyword rankings and organic traffic substantially.

“I have been with White Chalk Road for about 14 months. We were told that SEO would take some time to take effect and we are really seeing positive results now. The service and professionalism have been outstanding.”

Steve Blight, Sales Manager at Arteil

The process

The results

Since Arteil started with White Chalk Road in 2019, organic rankings and website traffic has continued to grow, going from strength to strength.

Following the implementation of the web marketing plan, content audit and ongoing content strategy, Arteil have a big increase in online sales and continues to work closely with White Chalk Road to explore new online marketing strategies and Paid Search Advertising in 2022.

Stats: June 2021 – May 2022 vs previous year

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