Lewis RV

Lewis RV is a family-owned and operated Perth caravan dealership located in the heart of Guildford. Lewis RV is Western Australia’s sole dealership for Crusader Caravans. In addition to new caravan sales, they sell used caravans and accessories and also offer a variety of repair services.


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The challenge

Lewis RV came to White Chalk Road in May 2017 after previously relying on TV advertising as their main marketing channel. The aim was to grow their online presence, gain new leads through the website, and drive new visitors to their Guildford dealership.

One of Lewis RV’s main goals was to be able to see measurable results, something they weren’t getting from TV advertising. White Chalk Road created both a Google Ads and SEO Strategy with the aim to grow Lewis RV’s digital presence and increase the number of leads coming through their website.

The strategy centred around creating useful engaging content to drive traffic and create brand awareness. Ultimately turning the site into a one-stop-shop for caravan owners and prospective buyers.

The process

The results

We’re proud to say Lewis RV has experienced some impressive results over the past few years since commencing SEO and Google Ads in May 2017.

The website continues to bring in all-time new traffic highs and Lewis RV has experienced a huge influx in new caravan orders. They’re now completely sold out and have a growing waitlist for new sales!

Stats: Jan 2020 – Dec 2020 vs Jan 2021 – Dec 2021

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