Summerstar Tourist Parks

Summerstar Tourist Parks is a group of family-friendly caravan parks located in rural West Australian destinations.


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Consolidate and grow

Summerstar Tourist Parks came to White Chalk Road with multiple unique websites which all focused on a particular caravan park location. The current setup made it hard for them to manage all websites efficiently and growing the authority and recognition of their brand was overly complicated.

To better manage their online presence and to build up the authority of their company in Google’s and consumer’s eyes, we recommended consolidation of all websites into their company website. Through this process, Summerstar Tourist Parks was able to offer online booking options seamlessly across all park locations. We also helped implement experience booking options for their key service locations.

"We came to White Chalk Road with patchy websites, bad copy and no online plan. Within 6 months, White Chalk (and Alex!) have us sorted out with fantastic website, consistent branding and proven results. We have passed more and more of our online marketing to the team as the ROI has surprised us. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend that anyone use White Chalk if they need help in the online space."

James Corbitt, General Manager

The process

The wave that never ends

Over the past 3+ years working with White Chalk Road, the Summerstar Tourist Parks website has gone from strength to strength with huge increases to organic traffic, conversions and conversion rate.

The ongoing content plan, and move to continually adapt based on user-focused website design and applications have allowed the website to outperform many key competitors. As we continue to build up the authority and content on the website, the Summerstar Tourist Park team continue to expand into new and exciting WA townships.

Stats: May 20 – Apr 21 vs. previous year

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