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Boosting Your Business with LinkedIn – The Hype and How to Leverage It

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    With social media booming faster than ever, businesses are taking a long hard look at their company profiles and online marketing strategies to double (and triple) check they’re being maximised. Not all of us however, want to jump on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon – whilst they are the most popular social media platforms, some business owners don’t feel it’s the professional networking tool they’re after. Specific business networking sites like LinkedIn and Google+ have provided a perfect opportunity to help professionals grow their careers, with LinkedIn being the world’s largest networking site for business owners.

    With over 238 million users worldwide, it has become the perfect platform for people to find career opportunities and connect with influencers or those in similar industries. As it’s such a well-established online destination, it makes sense to create a LinkedIn profile page that acts as more than just an ordinary resume. Regardless of what industry you’re in, it’s only going to get more competitive so differentiating yourself from the rest and increasing your findability has never been so crucial.

    Here are 7 hot tips to get you started.

    1. A Comprehensive Profile

    Complete a remarkable and comprehensive profile. The more information you can provide about the important details of your business, what it’s all about and how you can help clients – the better. Instead of a traditional resume format, write in a narrative form to make the content compelling and attractive for people to want to read the full profile. The idea is to make it as quick and easy as possible for potential customers to know you – right up front – and how they can get in contact.

    2. Get Your Branding Perfect

    The first thing LinkedIn visitors see is your cover image, so make it consistent with your branding. People should be able to easily recognise you and you company page by this banner. LinkedIn and social media profiles give you the option to include a standard company logo at the top of the page, and a square logo that will appear on all your updates. Consider what you use for these carefully and make sure they are of high quality and fit properly. Encourage people further by linking to your company website or any personal profiles and blogs you may have. If this is done properly, the links you include will be attached to chosen keyword phases – thus, enhancing your SEO within LinkedIn and throughout the web.

    3. Build a Wide Network, and Personally Welcome Them

    LinkedIn is all about networking, connecting with people and sharing insightful and valuable information. Remember though, quality over quantity – it’s not about how many people you have in your connections, it’s about the value and how you’re utilising them. Each new connection you make provides the opportunity to enhance your visibility but even so, it’s important you review each invitation request received. Does the person have a completed and detailed profile? Does it provide a picture and adequate information about their business or industry they’re in? Most of all, is there are relevant reason why it would make sense to connect with them?

    4. Add Dynamics to Your Content

    Make your profile come alive by adding a video to enhance your content. There are two applications for adding a video to your LinkedIn profile, the Google Presentations app and the SlideShare app – both enable you to showcase your work or greet your visitors. This will help people stay longer on your profile and feel like they can connect with you better.

    5. Tag Your Skills and Expertise

    Up to 50 skills can be added to your profile so now is a great time to start selling yourself. Whilst listing these skills don’t make a huge difference for the LinkedIn search results, its additional information that is useful for people reading your profile. Consider what you’re good at and how your specific skills can benefit potential customers and networking opportunities. Once you have noted your skills and expertise, you can then encourage people to endorse you.  This will then give them a sense of credibility – learn how to manage your skills and endorsements for full effectiveness.

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    6. Get Endorsements and Recommendations

    After your skills and expertise have been defined, it’s vital to gain as many endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, partners and contacts as possible. These are your customer testimonials on LinkedIn so don’t be afraid to ask clients to write a recommendation or endorse your company for its skills. Make sure you help others out by endorsing them too – this will make it much easier to approach them for one back. Avoid sending mass messages out asking for endorsements or recommendations. If you want people to take the time to honestly comment on your skills or company, take the time to personalise your request.

    7. Optimise Your Profile for Search and Ranking

    Every day, millions of people are searching on LinkedIn so if you want your hard work of creating and maintaining you profile to get noticed; you need to craft your content for search. Consider your ‘profile language’ and be sure to include relevant keywords to your industry. This way, you significantly improve your chances of being found. As you do with your website, think about what keywords people will search to find your brand, product and services and then incorporate them into your heading and profile content.

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