SEO and Content Essentials Any New Website Needs

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    Are you getting a new website for your business without considering whether it will be visible to Google and your customers? We’ve got a checklist of essential SEO services and content marketing considerations to make your life easier.

    Our checklist covers the following critical elements:

    Site Architecture

    1. URLs
    2. Website crawlers and bots
    3. Semantic web, Schema and rich snippets
    4. Multi-platform & multi-device
    5. User tracking and conversion

    User Experience (UX)

    1. Navigation
    2. Page speed
    3. Content management systems
    4. Social media

    Content & Copywriting

    1. Topical targeting of page
    2. Keyword targeting of page
    3. Website copy – general tips
    4. Content marketing & blogging

    Too often we see important technical SEO components of a website like architecture, navigation, clean URL structure and mobile friendliness left off the page (pardon the pun) by well-meaning designers. After all, a web designer is contracted to produce a great looking website for you. But if crucial SEO factors are not integrated into the site, you’ll be on the back foot when it comes to having a fully optimised website Google and Bing will love.

    Fortunately, there is an answer. By getting SEO experts to the table early in the design phase, you stand the best chance of ending up with a website that not only looks fantastic, but will perform well in Google and other search engines.

    Get it Right the First Time

    Billy Joel fans would be nodding along to this 1977 classic right now. Go on. Hum a few bars, it’s a good tune. In the song Billy says “I’ve gotta get it right the first time. That’s the main thing”. If you think about it, you can really apply this line to any scenario.

    A new website rebuild is no different. It’s a lot cheaper to get the right design and SEO foundations set in the first place than to have to undo work down the track because Google might not even be able to crawl some of your most important pages.

    Proper planning with all parties singing from the same song sheet is the only true path to a successful website project.

    Don’t sacrifice months of heartache and fritter away money on a website that may win a design award, but won’t rank in Google or worse, won’t convert leads.

    Download our checklist today and give it to your web design partner or marketing manager.

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