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    Our recent Google Partners Connect Event brought eager business owners and leading digital experts together under one roof to discuss the key principles of Google AdWords marketing and how it can help to grow your business.

    Elizabeth Fox, Head of Agency Relationships, Google Australia & New Zealand

    Elizabeth Fox, Head of Agency Relationships, Google Australia & New Zealand, kicked off the event with an overview of how the web and the use of smart devices has transformed our buying habits.

    The web is the Big Daddy of marketing giants, delivering impressive results for businesses of all sizes across the world and with the average consumer looking at their phone a whopping 150 times a day, Elizabeth talked about how businesses can seize these ‘’micro-moments’’ and turn them into big opportunities.

    Google defines “micro-moments” as tiny but determined moments where consumers turn to their devices to take an immediate action. These I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy and I-want-to-do moments are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped through urgency and relevance.

    Elizabeth explained how businesses can take advantage of these ‘’micro-moments’’ by ensuring that they deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. Indeed, search ads allow you to target customers who are actively looking for your product at that very moment.

    She revealed that a massive 88% of consumers research a purchase online – before even entering a store.

    She summarized her presentation with three crucial points: identify your customers’ ‘’micro-moments,’’ deliver needs in that moment and measure the moments that matter

    Mitchel O’Donohue, Agency Development Manager, Google Australia & New Zealand

    Mitchel O’Donohue, Agency Development Manager, Google Australia & New Zealand, then went on to give recommendations on how to align your business goals to a digital strategy, talk about solutions available and also explain the benefits of working with a Google Partner agency.

    He shared his insight into developing an effective Google AdWords strategy. AdWords advertising offers powerful targeting options which enable you to reach the right audience. With the help of a Google Partner agency, like White Chalk Road, this ensures that your advertising budget is being spent as effectively as possible and you’re not wasting money on people who don’t fit your target market.

    These advanced targeting options allow you to drill down and define your audience by a series of specific criteria including interests, location and intent. By introducing your brand to those who are actively seeking your specific products or services, you are more likely to generate quality leads – and convert them.

    Mitchel went on to show that unlike traditional marketing channels, AdWords offers a completely flexible advertising model which is fully transparent and can be measured through analytics and conversion reporting to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and your ROI.

    Once you’ve defined your marketing objectives, there are a number of metrics you can use to calculate your conversions and the overall effectiveness of your advertising efforts. These include ad clicks, phone calls, online enquiry form submissions, online sales, brochure downloads and newsletter subscriptions.

    And if that’s not enough, as AdWords certified professionals, the team here at White Chalk Road can also analyse historical data to identify trends and tweak your campaign in line with these findings to maximise your ROI.

    Google releases (literally hundreds!) of updates to the AdWords platform every year. This means that keeping up with the changes can be a full-time job – hence the importance of teaming up with a Google Partner agency to ensure your campaigns are managed effectively.

    As Google Premier Partners, White Chalk Road have our very own dedicated Account Manager at Google with whom we’re in regular contact to ensure all client campaigns are running as well as they possibly can. We also enjoy the privilege of access to ‘’Beta’’ features in AdWords which means that we can explore the newest features and have them up and running for our clients before anyone else can even access them.

    Our Google Partners Connect event was extremely successful, with everyone taking away some invaluable advice from the Google experts.

    If you would like to learn more about how to grow your business with Google AdWords, please contact us online

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