Google Ads

1000 Negative Keyword List

The Ultimate 1000 Word Negative Keyword List

Have you heard your Marketing Team mention "negative keywords" in your Google Ads campaigns? Don't...

Back to Basics: The Key Differences Between SEM, SEO & PPC

In the digital realm of online marketing and Google Ads, there is a myriad of...

4 Paid Search Options to Get Results for Your Business

No matter the size or industry, a resounding majority of businesses need to be easily...

Google Removes Close Variant Keyword Data in Keyword Planner

It was reported widely recently that Google was significantly cutting the data provided in Google...

Google Makes White Chalk Road a Google Premier Partner

White Chalk Road has achieved Premier Google Partner status, which means even more great benefits...

Google removes AdWords ads from right hand side of SERPs

Google rolled out a significant change to desktop search results pages (SERPs) worldwide over the weekend (20-21...

5 Dangers to Avoid with a Self-Managed Google Ads Account

Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) paid search advertising, is instant online marketing. Unlike SEO...

White Chalk Road chosen to partake in Google’s Elite Partner Business Program

In April this year White Chalk Road was chosen to be 1 of 16 Google...

What’s Remarketing / Retargeting and which Strategy is Best for You?

Google Remarketing Ads, also known as retargeting, is a form of text or image advertisements...

Can you use Competitor Brand Keywords in SEO and Paid Search?

Clients often ask us whether they can or should bid on their competitors’ names in...

The Beginners Guide to Remarketing for Business

Google remarketing or retargeting is a form of textual and visual Advertising that ‘follows’ users...

Is Google Killing off Paid Search Keyword Data?

There have been many articles thrown around about Google’s recent announcement they are removing keyword...

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