Case Study: Fencemakers

Fencemakers is a provider of custom-designed and built fencing and gates in Perth, supplying to both the commercial and residential markets. Their gates and fencing are 100 per cent Australian-made, using locally-sourced materials crafted by qualified tradespeople in Perth.



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The Process

SEO Web Design Consultation & Recommendations

To improve search engine rankings for Fencemakers we had to ensure that the website structure was optimised from an SEO point of view. We worked closely with their web designers from the beginning of the project and were actively involved throughout the process to ensure the site was built with business objectives in mind.

We performed an SEO audit and provided recommendations and guidelines on how to improve the site and its power to convert visitors into sales leads. By assisting in the consultative process with Fencemakers’ web designers we set the foundations for a successful SEO strategy.

SEO Content Audit

Before the new website was launched we carried out an SEO audit of all existing content to understand which pages needed to be refreshed, as well as to identify the gaps in content where additional Fencemakers’ products were not covered within existing pages. We then created a plan and timeline to refresh or write new content for the website before the go-live date.

Blog Management

Following research, we created a blog management content plan which would provide timely and useful information for Fencemakers’ customers and potential customers. This included design tips, seasonal advice, information to help in choosing fencing materials and other broader but related topics.

The purpose of the blog was not only to keep the website updated with fresh content for SEO purposes and bring in longer-tail keyword traffic, but also to provide Fencemakers’ clients with a value-added service, demonstrate Fencemakers’ knowledge to build trust with potential customers and position Fencemakers as thought leaders in their industry. With Fencemakers’ input we wrote, optimised, posted and promoted the articles monthly.

The Results

Search Engine Optimisation & Rankings

Before the launch of the new website, Fencemakers’ rankings in Google for the keywords we target had dropped from a high of 76% down to 66%.

In the month following the launch of the new website (featuring improved structure and new content) Fencemakers’ visibility sprang up to 80% – higher than it had ever been. Over the following 6 months visibility rose to 90% and continues to grow. They are now within the top three positions for their target keywords, including:

  • Fencing Perth
  • Fencing WA
  • Pool fencing Perth
  • Gates Perth

 Organic Traffic & Conversions

Since the launch of the new website, organic traffic to the Fencemakers website has increased by 123%, and by 84% compared to the previous year.

Sales leads (conversions) from the Fencemakers website have also substantially increased since the launch of the new website. Conversions increased by 115% compared to the period before the launch of the new website, and by 126% compared to the previous year, bringing increased sales leads to the business.

Blog Readership

In the six months since the launch of the Fencemakers blog, it has brought an additional 1,200+ visits to the website that would not have otherwise come through. These users are also visiting additional pages on the website and many are converting into sales leads by submitting quote requests.

"The results we have achieved through our new website have far exceeded our wildest expectations.

White Chalk Road was actively involved throughout the website design and creation process. With their help we were able to create a website that is both functional and informative for potential clients, and that was structured to rank well from an SEO perspective.

Ultimately, we have seen a tangible increase in targeted enquiry which has forced us to increase sales staff."

Matthew Suter MD, Fencemakers