Online marketing & SEO for painters

Painters or painting contractors are among the most in-demand tradies in Australia, as just about any structure requires some form of paintwork or similar service. However, this demand varies depending on where you operate.

Digital marketing for painters

According to the latest data from Job Outlook, there are currently around 53,200 paint workers. So if you are an expert painter or painting company looking to become more competitive or create more demand for your services, you need to market yourself effectively.

However, very few skilled workers know what to do in terms of marketing their skills and differentiating themselves from their competitors. This is where SEO for painters comes in, as this is one of the most cost-effective ways to leverage your brand.

Benefits of online marketing for painters

Whether your goal is to get more commercial or residential interior painting or exterior painting customers, you can benefit from SEO for painters in the following ways:

Get more leads and sales Through a targeted SEO strategy, you can generate more website traffic. You can also combine paid and organic advertising so customers can find you online when they search using keywords you rank highly for.
Optimise your marketing spend Painting companies and individual painter experts can improve their ROI from online marketing campaigns with a dedicated online marketing partner. By working with digital marketing experts, you can stretch your budget further to increase your marketing mileage.
Build your authority We can help you use social media to build your professional brand and establish you as an authority in paints and paintwork. By sharing useful, interesting and relevant posts, we can help you build a following, engage effectively with your audience and generate leads.

Common questions about SEO for painters

This depends on your short and long-term goals. SEO can not only help generate leads but also improve site performance and ranking. If you want to take an integrated approach, you can use SEO to complement paid advertising.

Along with painters, we work with businesses of all sizes, including local companies, SMEs and start-ups as well as big or multinational brands. We consider all our clients to be equal and treat them as such, and we take distinct approaches to different needs.

Although it’s difficult to guarantee the outcome of every campaign, what we can assure you is the implementation of industry best practices, as well as tangible, measurable results.

With a tailored SEO campaign, we usually observe changes or improvements in SEO performance in as little as a month to several months.

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