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Search Engine Optimisation Perth

If you’ve got SEO services as part of ongoing web marketing with White Chalk Road, your SEO services will be broken down into two parts, analysis and on-site optimisation, then ongoing web-marketing.

Here’s an explanation of SEO services as part of ongoing web marketing with White Chalk Road, the leading SEO Company in Perth.


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SEO Analysis and On-Site Optimisation

The first stage of search engine optimisation (SEO Perth) involves making your website’s structure and content more useful and appealing to both potential customers and search engines.

We begin by identifying search phrases that your target market uses most frequently and ensure these terms feature prominently in your website’s content. Here’s the process:

Keyword Research

We identify common phrases and determine the importance of each keyword. We consider how many times a term is searched on an average month, how many other websites are competing to rank for that term, how relevant it is to the products/services you provide and how far down the buying path people would be when searching the term.


There are often hundreds of keyword phrases that people will be searching to find products/services in your industry. We narrow down this list to the most important ones for you. We discuss each keyword with you and come up with a final list of target keywords.

Technical SEO Audit

We check how easy it is for search engine spiders and users to navigate your website. We do this by looking at elements such as correct use of code, internal linking structure and site architecture.

Benchmark Ranking Report

Once all onsite changes are completed, we will provide a benchmark report to track where you ranked at the beginning of the project. We will then report on progress monthly.

SEO Content Audit and Onsite Optimisation

We review content on your important landing pages and provide a list of suggested changes. These may cover improving the quality and relevance of content, title tags, headings, meta tags, alt tags and text used in links. If needed, we will also add pages or content to target some keywords. Once you’re happy with our suggestions we will make these changes to your website.


We then identify what page on your website is most relevant to target for the chosen keywords and optimise those pages.

SEO Web Marketing

The second stage of SEO services is designed to improve the authority of your website, increasing your search rankings over time and helping you grow your business.

We use a range of tools including copywriting, local seo, content distribution/repurposing and link building to help you:

  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Reach prospects who are looking to buy from you
  • Market to your target audience
  • Generate external referrals