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Content Marketing Strategy – The New Buzz Word

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    It used to be called “link building” but now it seems as though the term “content marketing” has replaced it and is the new buzz word in digital.

    At a recent event in London, BlueGlass announced the acquisition of Quaturo and they presented their latest infographic representing content strategy and the fact many companies do not fully understand what it is or have one.

    Kevin Gibbons, founder of Quaturo and now UK Managing Director of BlueGlass, spoke about how traditional SEO has changed. There used to be article writing and directory syndication but link building has developed since then. Content marketing, which takes the form of blogging, quality guest posts, interactive content which includes video and infographics, are the future. Content is king and good content will help a site achieve maximum visibility.

    Those in Search only have to look what is in the news at the moment to notice that content marketing is a hot topic. Earlier in the month BlueGlass posted an interesting article on their site: “Do more blog comments make your blog stronger?” In the post, the author Deanna DeRosa refers to the Econsultancy Content Marketing Survey Report which shows the number of companies who have a content marketing strategy. Increased engagement (by 52%) was the most common objective for a business’ content marketing strategy.

    In terms of blog comments, this is a type of social engagement. Once a site has an active community on their site it helps the business to build awareness, trust and likeability. However, no one is going to just comment on a blog and interact with it if there is no good content. This leads back to a business having a content strategy. Having more comments on a blog does not necessarily make that blog stronger, it is more important to see if the blog has a positive and engaging audience who share the news on different social media sites.

    At the event, Kevin Gibbons showed the current landscape of content marketing strategy as an infographic. 42% of businesses that took part in the survey think they lack the manpower or people power to start a content marketing strategy. However 90% of the people in the poll say that content marketing will be more important over the next 12 months.

    What are the content marketing objectives?

    It is important to know the objectives before embarking on a content marketing plan. The objectives are similar to that of the traditional form of link building:

    • Build links
    • Increase engagement
    • Raise brand awareness

    Link building should just be a by product of the content marketing, content marketing is the bigger picture.

    For those who do not want to be penalised by Google, they must take note and pay attention to the guidelines that Google has laid down. Google wants to deliver good quality content to users and as a result new products such as Google authorship is going to be making an even bigger impact next year in 2013 compared to 2012. Google+ is a way for authors to be connected with their content. It is going to be more important who links to a site rather than from where. The importance will be on the author and not necessarily the site. It shows that the person trusts the content enough to link to it.

    Content marketing is the future of online. Previously the Google algorithm was flawed as they wanted to only show relevant and good content sites in the SERPs. The black hat techniques and spammy content filled the web but now Google are stopping this. Trip Advisor is a great example of how their content and audience has meant they have high visibility in the SERPs. Great content alone will not give a site links. It is important to have large human audience as well. People have to be interested in the site and be brand supporters so that they can share it with others.

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