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30 Free Australian Local Citations for SEO – Updated 2021

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    Heard the importance of local citations as an SEO service but not sure which Australian web directories and sources are worth your time and effort?

    We’ve put together the most up to date top 30 local citation listing sites any Australian business should be listed in to help you start ranking in Google local search results.

    How do I get my business in Google’s local search results?

    Strong local rankings in Google are dependent on a few important factors. Here are the basics you need to get right if you want to appear in Google maps and local listings:

    1. Set up a free Google My Business account and claim your business location(s).
    2. Ensure your Name, Address, Phone and Website (commonly known as NAPW) information is exactly the same on your website and your Google My Business listing.
    3. Ask your customers to leave you a review on your shiny new Google business listing.
    4. Optimise your website for local search terms like Perth SEO or Link Building Perth.
    5. List every business location on key local citation web directories, again ensuring the NAPW is exactly the same as your website and Google listing.

    What are business local citations?

    Local citation sites are web directories that store your business contact information (NAPW data) including a link to your website. Google looks at these websites to help better understand your business. Like anything in life, some sources are better than others and you need to prioritise your efforts.

    Here are the top 30 local citations you need to be listed on, including their respective Moz Domain Authority rating (DA):

    1. (DA100)
    2. (DA56)
    3. (DA55)
    4. (DA50)
    5. (DA85)
    6. (DA56)
    7. (DA59)
    8. (DA51)
    9. (DA48)
    10. (DA42)
    11. (DA43)
    12. (DA40)
    13. (DA25)
    14. (DA18)
    15. (DA31)
    16. (DA29)
    17. (DA31)
    18. (DA52)
    19. (DA25)
    20. (DA26)
    21. (DA56)
    22. (DA21)
    23. (DA25)
    24. (DA31)
    25. (DA13)
    26. (DA21)
    27. (DA24)
    28. (DA19)
    29. (DA15)
    30. (DA11)
    31. (DA31)

    How to build local citations for a business

    The process of adding your business information to key web local citation directories can be a tedious process and most business owners simply don’t have the time to execute this essential local SEO tactic.

    Here are the basic steps you need to work through to build local citations:

    1. Start with the top 30 local citation sources we’ve listed for you
    2. Search for existing listing in the web directory
    3. If you are listed, cross-check the NAPW and website data is accurate and fix if erroneous
    4. If you are not in the directory, create a new local citation and activate and wait while your data goes under review
    5. Follow up every few weeks with each citation source to see if you’ve been added to the directory

    What about using local citation services?

    If you need assistance with local citation building, especially in niche industries, why not reach out to the friendly team at White Chalk Road on 08 9361 9534 or email us for a free consultation today.

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