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The Top 5 Social Media Management Tools You Need To Grow Online

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    As social media marketing continues to grow and evolve it can be challenging trying to manage different content for all your different social media apps. We’ve identified some of the best social media management tools that will not only help make your job easier but will also help you grow your presence online!

    1) Social media scheduling tools

    Content scheduling tool for social media.

    Gone are the days where you need to set reminders on your phone to ensure your social media post goes out at the right time. Now you can schedule content across all your different platforms in one spot.

    Why you need this social media marketing tool

    Social media scheduling tools allow you to plan out all your content across multiple platforms all in one place. Need to make an announcement across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time? It’d be pretty impossible to schedule content without the help of a scheduling tool! Most scheduling tools can also give you insight into peak post times which ensures that your social media posts are getting the most engagement from your audience.


    Sprout Social

    Cost: From $99 / month

    If you work in social media, you’ve probably heard of Sprout Social. It’s one of the world’s most popular social media scheduling tools and for good reason! Some of its key features include content scheduling for up to 10 social media profiles, optimised post times based on your channel’s usage and engagement, tools to boost your post, and more! Not sure if it’s for you? You can access a 30-day free trial to try it for yourself.

    Social Pilot

    Cost: From $25 / month

    Another social media content scheduler we love is Social Pilot. Like Sprout Social, it allows you to schedule posts across multiple different social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business. Features include post times based on time zones and engagement, the ability to have real-time conversations through Facebook messenger and the ability to schedule up to 500 posts months in advance.

    2) Graphic design software for social media apps

    Graphic design marketing tool.

    It’s no secret that having the right visual content is key for social media. Do your graphic design skills need a bit of work? Fear not, there is now an abundance of user-friendly programs available that don’t require you to have expert graphic design skills.

    Why you need this social media marketing tool

    Research shows that 65% of consumers are visual learners. To get the most out of your posts, using images or graphics in your social media posts are a must. Take your social media content to the next level with an online graphic design tool.


    Adobe Spark

    Cost: Free

    Adobe Photoshop too technical? Introducing Adobe Spark which was designed as a more accessible web-based platform that allows users to create engaging content without a graphic design background. The best thing is it’s free!


    Cost: Free – $100+ / month

    Canva is a web-based drag and drop program that allows you to create a wide range of different graphics including social media content, social media stories, animations and more. Features include access to stock images, fonts, and custom templates. It operates on a freemium model which means you can get quite a bit out of the program without having to commit to a monthly subscription.

    3) Stock image websites

    Women working on social media marketing management tools.

    Don’t have the time to go out and take your own images? This is where stock images will help! Stock images are pre-existing photos that have been made available for use mainly by paying a fee that covers both the photographer and the source managing them. Using stock images are a great way to promote your brand without having to hire a photographer or go out and take high-quality images yourself.

    Why you need this social media marketing tool

    Using a stock image source ensures that your social media content is not violating any copyright laws. Attributing the original owner of another image you may have found from Google Images is simply not enough. If you are not using your own images, using stock images is a must. Plus, they can be used for both digital and print. Each source may have different terms of use so be sure to check the guidelines before you use them.



    Cost: Free

    Unsplash is unique as every image on this platform is free! You won’t get quite as many options as you would from most other paid platforms but with over 243,000 active users contributing, there’s bound to be something available that suits your needs.

    Deposit Photos

    Cost: From $29 / month

    Deposit Photos is a great option that contains a diverse range of content including vector files, photos and videos. There are over 202 million files available on Deposit Photos so you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your social media platforms.

    4) Social media marketing analytics tools

    Marketing analytics tool for social media.

    To get the most out of your marketing strategy, you’re likely going to want to have your business on more than social media platforms. Want to keep all your data in one place? A social media analytics tool can help!

    Why you need this social media marketing tool

    Who doesn’t love a tool that can save you time? Each social media platform has its own different analytics set up. Analytics tools allow users to easily compare their top-performing social platforms, identify key customer segments and create a data-driven social media marketing strategy.


    Google Analytics

    Cost: Free

    Google Analytics isn’t just for tracking your website stats, It can also measure the effectiveness of your social media. The truth is many businesses don’t have their social media accounts linked to their Google Analytics Account but it is a really simple way to see which of your social media accounts are converting and what aren’t.


    Cost: From $39 / month

    Hootsuite is a social media management tool that is known for its wide variety of features, one of them being its social media campaign tracking features. Its analytics features will allow social media managers to compare performance across different social media platforms, all in one dashboard. Want to try it for yourself? Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial.

    5) Link shorteners

    Link shortening tool.

    Nothing ruins a social media post more than seeing a long outbound link to blog posts or web pages in your description. Using links in your posts are important for driving website traffic and your online marketing strategy therefore tools such as link shorteners can help you include these links without them taking away from your posts.

    Why you need this social media marketing tool

    Most link shorteners are free so they’re really a no brainer! However, if you do opt for a premium plan, many have features that allow you to fully customise your link and even track the results you are getting from that link.



    Cost: Free – $199 / month

    Bitly is more than just a link shortener. Not only does it allow users to shorten links but it also allows for social media managers to create custom links, review analytics and is able to be integrated with other social media management tools so you can track all your marketing efforts in one spot.


    Cost: Free

    Don’t need all the fancy features that Bitly offers? If all you need is a basic link shortener, TinyUrl has got you covered. It’s user friendly, free and no sign up is required.

    Get advice on the latest social media marketing tools

    With so many great social media marketing tools out there it can be hard to know which is best for you and your business. Our team of specialists can help take the stress away by working with you to develop your online social media presence. Get in touch with the team at White Chalk Road to find out more!

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