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When to Compliment Your SEO Strategy With PPC

If you are looking for a long-term online marketing strategy, it's wise to invest in an SEO plan, tailored to get you the best results....

Why You Need Structured Data & Rich Snippets in Your Life

In the world of search engines everything starts with a click.  Increased followers, fruitful business affairs, great shopping deals and even beautiful relationships all start...

Successful Online Marketing Strategies Start with Your Audience

Every single business should be able to answer this simple and vitally important question: Who is your target audience? To build a successful online marketing...

Why You Need Quality Backlinks

There was a lot of web chatter about links last month and the debate doesn’t look like abating anytime soon. This is one topic that...

6 Essentials You Should Expect from Your SEO Company

Finding the right SEO company can be hard work. It’s a complex industry – one that many businesses can’t live without if they want to...

How to Gain New Customers with Local SEO Today

I haven’t met a local business owner yet who doesn’t want to win over new customers and grow/enhance their business in their local marketplace. However,...

5 Reasons Wine & SEO are so Similar

Who doesn’t enjoy that first sip of wine after a long day? Whether it’s a Margaret River Chardonnay, Swan Valley Shiraz or a Great Southern...

Get Up to Speed with Google AMP: Does Your Business Need It?

Imagine, you’ve whipped out your mobile to do some quick research before buying a product, either online or in person, and you’ve clicked on a...

Speed Proves Key to Optimising Mobile Web in 2017

You may have heard a lot about Google's mobile-first index and the importance of lightning-fast websites for SEO marketing purposes. But is boosting speed necessary...

SEO Trends to Watch out for in 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is already upon us as we are still recovering from the abundance of SEO marketing changes and trends of...

2017 – The Year to Focus on an Integrated SEO Strategy not just Keywords

Keywords are important for SEO. There’s no denying they have their function but we all must remember that they are only part of what makes...

10 Reasons Adding Video Will Improve Your Website Performance

Watching online videos is rapidly becoming an international pastime. Since over 60 percent of Australian internet users watch videos online, adding video content to your...

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