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Facebook’s Search Capabilities Soon to Rival Google

Marketers have been keeping a close eye on the updates implemented by Facebook for a long time, noticing that their search capabilities are becoming more...

Why Your Business Needs to get Serious about Social

No-one can deny that social media is a well-trodden global phenomenon, with many of us self-confessed social addicts finding it difficult to go even an...

6 Tips for Perfecting Your Instagram Captions

When you’re searching for the perfect image to post to Instagram several times a day, the captions can often become a rushed afterthought. After all,...

Eight Facebook tools every business should be using

There’s no doubt Facebook is one of the most beloved and user-friendly social networks of today, 3 Billion worldwide can’t be wrong! Due to the constantly...

Creating a Successful Facebook Business Page to Assist With SEO

Whether you’re a social media addict or you’d prefer not to go near it with a 10 foot pole, there are definite pros and cons...

Why Your Facebook Page Isn’t Getting Enough Likes – And How to Fix It

You’ve got a fine looking business Facebook page, you’ve invited all your personal and professional contacts to like it and you’ve shared it across all...

6 Essential Tips to Create Your 2015 Social Media Strategy

There really is no getting away from it, these days Social Media is no longer just an option for your business marketing, it is now...

The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Most likely you’re familiar with the Pinterest craze. You’ve heard people rave about it and despite the fact you’ve never been one to get your...

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse – Why LinkedIn’s New Tool is So Awesome

As a content writer, blogger or marketing professional it’s become increasingly vital to choose the right channels for your articles. These days there’s no shortage...

Google+ vs. Facebook – Who Wins the Business Battle?

Recently we posted an article about the future of internet marketing and the boom in digital potential. According to this latest research, majority of the...

Why Your Business needs to be on Twitter Today – Our 5 Top Reasons

Twitter should not be looked at as just another Facebook. Whilst it is an additional social media channel, it stands on its own two little...
White Chalk Road Feature Image

What Does the Future Hold for Google+?

The recent news of Vic Gundotra – Head of Google+ departing Google, has sent shockwaves through the community with many speculating what's to become of...

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